11+ Maths Multiple Choice Papers


11+ Maths Multiple Choice Papers

Practising for the 11+ can be challenging. The vast majority of 11+ tests include an element of Maths assessment. A significant number of 11+ tests even have dedicated Maths papers. Thorough practise is essential.

This 11+ Maths Multiple Choice Paper pack is ideal any 11+ candidate. Within it are four accurately compiled and highly realistic exam papers for Maths, great for both building confidence for the 11+, and for assessing your child's possible weaknesses. Each answer is fully explained, and provides parental guidance on further study, making helping your child a breeze!



* Please note that this book (or pack of books) is fully updated to the new curriculum that began in 2014 (for Years 1-5 and 7-9) and 2015 for Year 6.

Details of 11+ Maths Multiple Choice Papers
Publisher Educational Experts
ISBN 10 1908684119
ISBN 13 9781908684110

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My tutees were encouraged to make use of these papers and all 21 reached the required standard at our local grammar school. The questions are exacting but a very good preparation for common entrance examinations, especially in terms of honing time management skills. I thoroughly recommend this product.



There are 4 tests. Each paper has got 50 questions and the child has got 50 minutes to spend on each. When you go online and register, the result given it's not relevant because it is telling you what you already got on the answer sheet on the paper given. I would be more interested to know how many other children on the same age group (year 4, 5 or 6) resolved it/ grouped by regions. How many resolved 100%, 75%, 50% and where are you on this chart based on the date of birth, region (the information requested).They say you can get a report when you complete the all 4 tests, I hope we will get more relevant data after completing all 4 tests.

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