11+ Maths Success Assessment Papers (Age 10-11)


11+ Maths Success Assessment Papers (Age 10-11)

I know what you're thinking...a book that says 11+ but the kids are doing their KS2 SATs right? Well actually this book used be titled "Maths SATs Success Practice Papers (Age 10-11)". So ignore the title, it's not just perfectly suitable for KS2 Maths SATs preparation, it's fantastic for them!

When your little ninja enters Year 6, one of the biggest challenges they will face is that of Key Stage 2 SATs exams and for many there is no subject more terrifying than Maths!

In order to help your little ninjas face their Maths revision head on, Letts have compiled a series of assessment papers that are specifically designed to introduce exam questions to your ninja to instil them with confidence and experience for what they’ll face.

The 11+ Maths Success Assessment Papers (Age 10-11) are perfect for helping you assess your child’s current Maths skills and target any areas that your little warrior needs to focus, practice and build on.

This guide contains practically every type of question that your little ninja may face in their KS2 Maths SATs Paper 1 and Paper 2. Within its pages are 24 individual assessments, each with 50 questions to test their mathematical skills and knowledge. The book also contains a vast range of number, calculation, shape, measures and data handling exercises.

In order to make training easier, all of the questions are ‘closed’ with single answers in order to help the assessment, but there are also other questions set in problem-solving contexts to test your ninja’s reasoning and lateral thinking abilities.

Like all forms of training, it is best to start at the beginning as the tests become more challenging the further in you progress. Also, depending on how you wish to test your ninja, the papers can be used as timed assessments or worked through bit-by-bit as a revision tool. If doing the former, allow 45 minutes for each paper. The book also contains a pull-out answer booklet in order for you to mark completed papers and see your little ninja’s progress.

Once your little ninja has gone through the Maths papers, they will be no more afraid of facing their Maths SATs tests than they will of a large bag of Haribo sweets.

Why they need the Letts 11+ Maths Success Assessment Papers (Age 10-11):

  • Covers all key question types.
  • Accurately reflects the level of difficulty of the actual tests.
  • Includes number skills, algebra, geometry, statistics and many other essential skills.
  • All answers are clearly explained so your ninja can see where they’ve gone wrong and learn from their mistakes!

P.s. Are they struggling with some of the mathematical concepts? Could they do with a second perspective for how to deal with some Maths problems? Look no further than our KS2 SATs Maths Study Book!

* Please note that this book (or pack of books) is fully updated to the new curriculum that began in 2014 (for Years 1-5 and 7-9) and 2015 for Year 6.

Details of 11+ Maths Success Assessment Papers (Age 10-11)
Publisher Letts
ISBN 10 1844192253
ISBN 13 9781844192250

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Hanna White(17/06/2012)


When used with all the accompanying books it provides an excellent source in order to practice for the 11+ exams. Thoroughly recommend it

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