A View From the Bridge (Text Guide)


A View From the Bridge (Text Guide)

A View from the Bridge is another super text guide from Letts.

This guide contains a thorough analysis of the plot and structure of A View from the Bridge including an in-depth exploration of characters and themes as well as tips, guidance, helpful quotations and quizzes to reinforce knowledge.

Text guides allow students to approach their set texts with an alternative perspective to those gained in class. Teachers can all to often push their own interpretations of texts onto their class and stifle a students own views and opinions. By reading this guide, students can interpret things slightly differently and hence gain a better understanding.

In short, we highly recommend using this book to help prepare them for their exams.

Details of A View From the Bridge (Text Guide)
Publisher Letts
ISBN 10 1843153211
ISBN 13 9781843153214

Reviews (18)

Rory Cellini-Jones(07/07/2012)


This is a convenient way to get two of the greatest plays of the twentieth century. My preference (and it will be that of most people, I think) is for 'A View from the Bridge', originally written in verse to echo the style of a Greek tragedy, and that is really what it is, with the downfall of Eddie Carbone and the catastrophe that surrounds it inevitable, as lawyer Alfieri, whom Miller uses as a kind of observer/narrator, is aware almost from the word go. It is an extraordinarily powerful play, made the more compelling, as always with Miller, by the vigour and rhythms of the longshoreman's language, so unlike that of the Salem villagers in 'The Crucible' or poor Willy Loman in 'Death of a Salesman' but just as convincing and just as powerful. 'All my Sons' has never moved me quite as much, but it is nonetheless a beautifully constructed play with, again, real tragedy at its heart, and again it is the tragedy of a 'little man' getting things terribly wrong under pressure - haven't we all, though I hope not with comparable results. It seems to me that compassion lies at the heart of both plays, and maybe that is what, in the end, makes them so moving, though Miller's extraordinary technical control is a big factor in realising that too. Anyway, they are wonderful, and this book is worth many times its modest cover price.

Jonathan Chapman(02/06/2012)


I needed this for my GCSE so I bought it. I'm not a fan of reading books but I must say that it's quite interesting. Item arrived quickly and well packaged. Good Job

Tony Smith(22/05/2012)


...book is one of the best plays I've read in school. I'd enjoyed it so much , I'd took it home and read it again. Arthur Miller knows how to write in areal life manner. This play is not set for one age group, but lots. I feeling love with this play, and I think every one should read it. it great!

Mary Graham(29/04/2012)


Really pleased with the book. My son needed it for school and delivery was really fast so thank you Exam Ninja!

Laurence Linwood(26/04/2012)


Daughter needed this Arthur Millar book for her school studies. Does exactly what it say it does, great price, great quality book.

Hugh Sykes(06/03/2012)


An excellent book for anyone studying this play for their Highers. Questions on the text at the back of the book and on the actions and feelings of the characters, are a great guide for thorough understanding of the play. Well worth purchasing.

Rob Shepherd(23/02/2012)


Last year I was told that we would be studying Arthur Miller's 'A View From The Bridge' for GCSE. We went to see this play and I immeadatliy fell in love with it. the story was so gripping and kept you hooked all the way. We used this copy of the play to study from in and out of school and I found it very detailed and helpful. This is defiantly some of Arthur Miller's best work.

Elliot Mackintosh(29/12/2011)


Look, I'll keep it simple. This book is ace. Its real. It's believable. Its an excellent read, and it makes a change from Shakespeare (this is going' out to all you Year 10s doing year GCSEs). Buy it. Read it. Love it.

Tim Bloom(13/11/2011)


I bought this book to study &"A View from the Bridge"; and have just gone on to read the second part - &"All My Sons";. Neither are particularly difficult to grasp but very enjoyable reads. Whilst &"A View from the Bridge"; can be a little predictable; Miller is constantly throwing new issues into the equation in &"All My Sons";. Both examine where priorities lie and the politics of family relationships. Miller has you sympathising with every character at some point in both plays. I am now a Miller fan and hope to see either production when they're next in town.

Martin Morgan(04/09/2011)


A very good spoken adaption of Arthur Miller's play A View From the Bridge. A very good cast who all excel in their roles. I would highly recommend it.

Ben Brown(27/06/2012)


One of the one places I could find this play in an audio version. All others I could find are written. I already have that and wanted a video or audio version. This is it. Well performed, atmospheric and emotional.

Ben Brown(06/06/2012)


Excellent book that really opened my eyes to literature during my gcse's. If you are studying this as part of an English course, try and concentrate on the message given, even if school can be amazingly goddamn dull sometimes. Once I realised that the story was not the usual tedious one I noticed the jealousy, love, and the grittily realistic way Arthur Miller portrays the seedy downtown life, and the fact that it is every man for himself. Well worth the read.

Tim Howell(27/05/2012)


This book is the best on the market yet and provides more of the detail required for higher grades. Beneficial for relieving exam stress.

Kevin Bishop(02/05/2012)


I am currently studying this book for my GCSE, and I would like to say that this does make a change. It is a good book, and the work involved around it is good as well (that's if you enjoy picking apart the characters) - At least that's what I've been doing. It's definitely worth a read anyway. The character's emotions are what I thought was the most intriguing part of this play, as they motivate the characters so much that the end is unstoppable. The contrasts between the love shared among the characters are very carefully portrayed. Anyway, I'll leave yes to find out for yourself. But, I'm telling' yes now, do read this book, 'cause you'll only miss out otherwise.

Sally Heptonstall(10/04/2012)


For a play that has been set for my GCSE English lit. I found &"A View from the Bridge"; to be one of the most dramatic and captivating pieces of literature that I have ever encountered. The play truly immersed me into the world of Italian immigrants in Brooklyn, I got a taste of their culture, language and firm beliefs. Their firm belief of the &"social code"; is the main theme that dominates the play and through the main character Eddie Carbone we learn of just how important and ingrained that belief is across the close knit Italian community. Aside from this theme, Miller deals with another issue that plays just as an important part of the plot as the &"social code"; and that is the unhealthy relationship between Eddie and his niece Catherine. As the play progresses we learn of the true nature of Eddie's relationship with Catherine. Arthur Miller has a real knack of creating this underlying tension that rides through the play to it's intense finale. In most instances Miller locates much of the tension within the actions of his characters rather than their dialogue, especially in regard to Eddie and his feelings towards Catherine. I found this play refreshing as it was different to anything that I had ever read and to those that yearn for a change I highly recommend &"A View from the Bridge"; in all it's tense, dark and quite often humorous ways.

Adele Smith(24/10/2011)


Required for GCSE course work this book was exactly how it was described and entirely perfect for what was needed.

Michael O’Connor(17/06/2012)


the book was in good condition but there was a lot of text that was highlighted which was not very pleasant as it was difficult to read,

Ben Shore(16/12/2011)


A neatly organised and helpful revision guide for GCSE students G - C/B. Students aiming for higher grades may wish to begin with Letts but will need to also look at more detailed material dealing with a wider range of more sophisticated ideas especially as grade A/A* requires awareness of alternative interpretations. Very good last minute cramming if running out of time before exam.

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