Bond 11+ Verbal Reasoning Assessment Papers (Age 6-7)


Bond 11+ Verbal Reasoning Assessment Papers (Age 6-7)

Practising for the 11+ exams can be really challenging. Thankfully, Bond's 11+ Verbal Reasoning Assessment Papers provide great practice for the exams, and will help to identify any possible weaknesses in your child's knowledge or understanding.

* Please note that this book (or pack of books) is fully updated to the new curriculum that began in 2014 (for Years 1-5 and 7-9) and 2015 for Year 6.

Details of Bond 11+ Verbal Reasoning Assessment Papers (Age 6-7)
Publisher Bond
ISBN 10 019274030X
ISBN 13 9780192740304

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Bond now do a huge range of workbooks for children and this is one in their `Stretch' series, aimed at more able children. Now, it is always tempting for parents to imagine their child is able, but these workbooks certainly have their place in supporting your child's learning. If your child is getting just one or two answers wrong in the Bond assessment papers and you feel they are too easy, then these Stretch Practice books are a good option. This book is for age 8-9 (so Year 4) and is for Verbal Reasoning. With a pull-out answer section (to avoid peeking) and a useful progress chart at the back of the book, this is as well laid out as you would imagine a Bond workbook to be. Indeed, they have had many years to get this right. This workbook has eight Focus Tests and eight Mixed Tests. Areas covered include alphabetical order, similar and opposites, sorting words, selecting letters, selecting words, finding words, codes and sequences and logic. The questions are harder than most for this age group and include using words in context, crosswords, anagrams and changing a word in a sentence so it makes sense, without multiple choice options. I have used this book for my, currently Year 3, daughter and she really found it interesting and challenging. However, I would suggest beginning with the `No Nonsense' workbooks, move on to the `Assessment Papers' and then use these Stretch Papers. If your child is struggling, then do not even consider these, but go back to the `Up to Speed' books and consolidate knowledge before moving on. If you are thinking about the 11+ though, Verbal Reasoning is very important and this book will give valuable practice.



Excellent book.



Excellent book, my son is starting practice.



Good product, just what I needed...perfect level for my 8 year old son



Received in s reasonable time



Ordered this for both my 7 and 9 year old. Verbal reasoning is not covered within the curriculum, therefore this was an entire new concept to them. As a parent it is imperative to sit with the child for the first few papers, after that I left them to get on with it although from time to time had to check in as new sorts of questions arose. a good book as an introduction, would definitely recommend.



All good



I enjoy these and they help me to pass my nest



These books are great for getting your child used to exam style questions and my daughter will happily sit and complete them, however I have to say how disappointed I am that there are a lot of point adding mistakes in them, come on Bond surely someone should be able to add up? If they cant add up correctly it makes me wonder what other mistakes there are in these books!!

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