Choosing The Right Exam Resource

Are you finding the choice of books available at Exam Ninja a little too much to make a decision? You’re not alone! We sell such a wide variety of excellent books that it’s easy not to know quite what to buy. So, we wrote a handy guide which, together with our customer’s reviews, should help you choose which book is right for your little ninja.

Revision Guides & Study Books

Revision Guides and Study Books explain everything students need to learn in a straightforward, plain English fashion. They are densely packed summaries of everything they should know. Revision Guides and Study Books typically cover an entire course and often include summary questions for checking progress. The emphasis with these books is on what to know and unique ways of remembering it rather than practice.

Workbooks & Question Books

Workbooks and Question Books provide practice questions for their relevant topics. They’re great to use on their own or alongside our Revision Guides and Study Books. The emphasis here is practicing everything they would have learnt.

Practice Papers

The Practice Exam Papers that we sell are carefully written to be just like the real thing and make perfect exam preparation. Each Practice Papers pack contains set(s) of realistic practice tests, answer books and full marking schemes.

DVD Tutorials

We sell a small number of DVD-ROM tutorials that explain every topic remarkably clearly, just like having your own personal tutor. They also include plenty of exam-style questions, with fully worked answers on video.

Be an Exam Ninja!

At Exam Ninja we are passionate about kids being prepared for their exams. We sell revision guides, study books and practice papers so your ninjas are ready to combat their exams and emerge victorious!

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