KS1 Maths Made Easy (Age 5-6)


KS1 Maths Made Easy (Age 5-6)

At Exam Ninja, we’re as suspicious about celebrity endorsed products as anyone else but you know what? Our cynicism was disappointed because these Maths Made Easy books authored by Carol Vorderman are really very good!

Each book is packed with notes and tips to make learning Maths easier.

Concepts are clearly explained and illustrated and the exercises are structured so that parents follow them with their child. Gold stars are included to reward them for their efforts

The book also contains a progress chart so your child can keep track of all the exercises they have completed.

* Please note that this book (or pack of books) is fully updated to the new curriculum that began in 2014 (for Years 1-5 and 7-9) and 2015 for Year 6.

Details of KS1 Maths Made Easy (Age 5-6)
Publisher Dorling Kindersley
ISBN 10 1409344754
ISBN 13 9781409344759

Reviews (37)



Great book. My 5 year old finished in 2 weeks. Loved it. Quite basic for year one but gives confidence.



perfect for year 1



Brilliant my daughter loves it and a nice touch of a certificate and gold stars too



Fast delivery and my six year old loves the gold star rewards



My 6 year old loves these books. Great tool to help teach and assist child in learning. Lovely, friendly format that's not intimidating. Definitely recommend.



Love this book for my almost 6 year old. Using it for our home ed maths.



very well made, great help for parents !!



Great for pupils/teachers in KS1, simple yet challenging and engaging with all learners. Can be set as tests or sent home as homework.



Took a few of these books on holiday [what a wicked mother I am] and my boys [aged 5 and 7] really enjoyed them. They are quite competitive, which always helps, and they really liked the whole idea of getting a star every time they completed a page. The way the book is written means they gradually progress. Great stuff.



You can't get better than these books, they are so informative but in a fun way. My daughter loves getting a gold star!!!



Bought for my 5 yr old, he was loving maths in school and I wanted to encourage it, made a change from reading each night and he's enjoyed the variety. Nice layout, simple to follow and interesting challenges. Followed the stuff he's doing in school too.



Great fun easy to follow book that keeps your child engaged. The quality is high and the exercises are well structured



Excellent fun and educational. My 4 year old son has enjoyed this a lot. The sections are well thought out. Highly recommended.

Kate (12/11/2012)


This whole series is superb. My children love doing the books and the stickers are a bonus. They would rather do these than their actual homework! There is just enough on each page for about 5-10 mins concentration, which is about right I think.



This is a great book for helping your year 1 child to imptove their maths. My son enjoys doing the book and loves putting a gold star on when he's finished a page.



my 5 year old loves these. introduces number bonds, fractions, sequences, addition and subtraction etc, great little set and will be buying more



I brought this for my 4yr old daughter who is in her 1st year of school,with her being one of the youngest ones in the class I want to help her in every way I possibly can,this book is full of fun ways to learn,my daughter loves learning with this book and the gold stickers make it extra fun and makes her feel so proud of herself! I will be buying more for sure!



I bought this for my 5yr old who was struggling at school with numeracy. She really enjoys sticking the gold stars to her completed pages and it has improved her ability and confidence with numbers. My only comment would be that having only one page on different areas of maths is not always enough to secure what is being learnt. However I would recommend this book and will buy from this series again.



Spot on, aimed at just the right age range, my boys have just turned 6 and love this book. Absolute bargian, quality book



Bought this for my Grandson aged 6 because he loves numbers. With a little help from the family, he'd completed it within a couple of days. Will now order Stage 2.



I bought these first of all to give my son something to occupying him through the summer holidays, but also to give myself some idea what they would do during Key Stage 1. He had really enjoyed doing them (bought all the KS1 ones) and they have done exactly what I wanted them to. They were a challenge, but he's definitely going back to school still remembering what learning is about & still being able to write!



A great Item to buy.Don't miss itI am recommend it to any family that want their child to be perfect



Initially was looking for something to support my 6 year old's maths as she freezes with numbers. this has helped her a lot. shes confident to go off on her own and give the questions a try. and she enjoys it enough to come and ask if she can do more "maths homework" today. Pages are very clearly illustrated, and explained; and i have purchased the next one for her age group plus others from the same range. would recommend to any little one who wants to boost their confident with numbers and explore that maths is not at all difficult if explained clearly.



Superbly laid out and great progression from basic to 'more advanced' maths for the budding child genius! Have helped our 6 year old tremendously. The layout of each page of exercises makes him regard them as more of a puzzle type book, rather than educational, which he enjoys far more. This means no stress involved, leading to a healthy learning environment. Star system works well as it is awarded as a star per page rather than per session so more stars can be awarded if your child is feeling mentally switched on and wishes to work on! At



Bought for my little grand-daughter. She seems to be getting on well with it, and as far as I'm concerned, any help that you can give them at home must be a good thing, especially as Maths is such an important (but difficult) subject.



I was keen to give my kids a little boost to their school maths work and have tried a number of primers without success until I hit on this series.....I have a 4yo and 6yo and have bought all the books for that age range and the kids are working through them fast. Problems are varied and relate to the real world, there are support notes for adults and, best of all, the gold star system really motivates the kids.I highly recommend these books ....



This is indeed Maths made EASY! It really helps the child consolidate work learned in class. I am a teacher and used these with my child when young, and immediately thought of Carol Vorderman's books when using them for private booster lessons. Highly recommended if you would like to help your child achieve more understanding and to practise mathematical skills.



Bought for my son who has just started in Reception, he has just turned 5. He loved the book and could not wait to get started. Good idea to have star stickers after each page completed, he was so pleased with himself. Will be buying other books like this for him. Good price as well.



These books are great for teaching kids extra maths ,both my children have benefited from these and are top of their classes in maths.



Bought to provide some fun maths practice at home. The high standard I would expect from DK and they cover a range of topics. Should think we will be working our way through the whole set.



As described



wife was happy with it






pretty good and mirrors the school work she's doing



Very good price and received promptly.My granddaughter started using it immediately and would have carried on for hours ,if it had not been time for bed.Visual and functional!!



To help me to gain a better understanding around the requirements for this stage and develop my delivery accordingly when working with learners.



I found it very informative, easy to use and understand. I recommended it to a friend with children and they found it good.

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