KS1 Maths Made Easy (Age 6-7)


KS1 Maths Made Easy (Age 6-7)

At Exam Ninja, we’re as suspicious about celebrity endorsed products as anyone else but you know what? Our cynicism was disappointed because these Maths Made Easy books authored by Carol Vorderman are really very good!

Each book is packed with notes and tips to make learning Maths easier.

Concepts are clearly explained and illustrated and the exercises are structured so that parents follow them with their child. Gold stars are included to reward them for their efforts

The book also contains a progress chart so your child can keep track of all the exercises they have completed.

* Please note that this book (or pack of books) is fully updated to the new curriculum that began in 2014 (for Years 1-5 and 7-9) and 2015 for Year 6.

Details of KS1 Maths Made Easy (Age 6-7)
Publisher Dorling Kindersley
ISBN 10 1409344770
ISBN 13 9781409344773

Reviews (9)



Good to bring out on a rainy afternoon. Grandaughter will often choose to use it . Great to see her progresss



This is an ideal book for those children just starting out on learning Maths. The sticker reward system included is a nice incentive for the child as well.



Lovely simple tasks that use maths in an easy and interesting way.Each page has star reward on completion no need to get overloaded as can do as much or as little as like.Highly recommend to compliment school math lessons, worth every penny.



This is a beautifully presented and very well laid out book. It has everthing you need for lots of maths pratice although we haven't actually started using it yet.



Great for learning and teaching, also the little stars and certificates inside were are encouraging for the child made them very excited to acheive something at the end.



HiThese are great - i'm working through the series with my 6 and 7 year old. It's helping them in class and helping me understand what they can do and how I can help them



I've given this 5 stars - I think this is a very good tool in assisting the children in becoming more confident in the classroom. Last term we had parents evening and the kids we "fair to middling". We've just had this term's parents evening and they have both by passed there expected targets. I'm not saying it was all down to the books but I'm sure they have assisted. I have been amazed how much more the kids understand and it's been really nice to see there knowledge grow. We don't do it every day but we do it in short zaps, often. They love the stars and get really motivated by it. Would definatly recommend this product.

Sara L.(09/06/2011)


I have a 6yr old boy who over the last year has lost all confidence in his ability to do numeracy. This book really is well worth it, the exercises are simple to use, he finds it fun & doesn't feel like he's doing work, his confidence is beginning to grow again!! I shall be buying more in the series.



These books are great for parents and children. The sums are clearly laid out and the explaination notes in the centre (if needed) give further guidance. It covers all that my son has been doing in key stage one and he found it enjoyable.

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