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Each CEM 11+ Practice Papers (Pack 2) (Product Code EN9090) contains...
1x CEM 11+ Practice Papers Pack 2 (Age 10-11) (Ninja Code: EN1636, RRP £9.95)
1x CEM 11+ Practice Papers (Pack 3) (Ninja Code: EN1689, RRP £9.95)
1x CEM 11+ Practice Papers Book (Ninja Code: EN1750, RRP £14.95)

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Reviews (13)

Kathlene(02/09/2015) - Relates to CEM 11+ Practice Papers (Pack 3)


Third pack of practice tests in this series. Come in very handy for preparation for the 11+ exams.

Daniella(01/09/2015) - Relates to CEM 11+ Practice Papers (Pack 3)


A great set of practice questions for the CEM 11 + exam. Well presented, clear and easy to use. CGP always seem to produce great quality study guides and revision books. This is the third set of practice tests for this exam. The pack covers Verbal Reasoning Comprehesion Maths Non Verbal Reasoning All included in two complete sets of 11 + test papers. Also included is a fully detailed answer booklet. Very impressed! As always...

Les(19/08/2015) - Relates to CEM 11+ Practice Papers (Pack 3)


As a private tutor, teaching children ages 6-15, I have always found this series of books very helpful. Both because of their content, and the familiarity of students to the series themselves. Clear and easy to follow. In this edition, the 4 papers provided have the same structure and cover a range maths, English, verbal and non-verbal reasoning problems. The questions are laid out in a way that is simple to understand and are great way to prepare for the 11+ test. There is a separate answer book at the back if the questions prove too challenging, as well as for explanation. I do use the practice tests and examples books which focus on each skill independently, but I always use these tests to start and towards the end of 11+ tuition as they provide a great overview of all the skills necessary to master to do well in the exams. Starting with these allows me to quickly pinpoint students weaknesses and areas of strength, while finishing these helps to ensure we have not overlooked any of these areas in our preparation. This set of papers is really very useful, not only for 11+ preparation but in general for pupils aged 10-11.

Else(07/08/2015) - Relates to CEM 11+ Practice Papers (Pack 3)


This is a superb resource for parents who are supporting their child to prepare for the 11+ exam. It is the third pack in the series. It is very well presented and consists of 2 full tests - each of which consists of two papers and one answer book. It is very professionally put together and they look just like real exam papers. Each exam consists of different sections - for instance, in Exam Set A, Paper 1, there is comprehension, recognising synonyms, shuffled sentences, completing words with missing letters, in the context of a sentence, non-verbal reasoning (geometric shape comparisons). Paper 2 includes more non-verbal reasoning, completing sentences with the right word (and the right form of the word), numerical reasoning (which we used to call mental arithmetic back in the dark ages). The answer book contains both answers and explanations. It is very impressive and would be of invaluable assistance to any parent who wants to help their child gain confidence before the real exams.

Jone(06/08/2015) - Relates to CEM 11+ Practice Papers (Pack 3)


The tests cover verbal reasoning, comprehension, maths and non-verbal reasoning. There are two sets of 11 + test papers held in a handy card file. Each test provides the child with the opportunity to prepare as well as they can for the 11+ test. There are multiple choice answer sheets for each test and a detailed answer sheet with clear explanations about how each answer should have been answered. Great for revision and highly recommended.

Margherita(26/07/2015) - Relates to CEM 11+ Practice Papers (Pack 3)


This range of 11 + practice tests and workbooks are excellent. Well considered and wide ranging, a must for any parent putting their child up for the 11 +. Recommended.

Laree(09/07/2015) - Relates to CEM 11+ Practice Papers (Pack 3)


This set comprises two lots of practice exam papers in a card folder with Velcro closure. Each exam has two papers, each of which lasts 45 minutes, plus additional time to read the example questions. The child either write the answers directly onto the exam paper or onto separate answer sheets, which are included. The latter would be helpful if your child needs to practice flipping back and forth between two sets of booklets for the real exam. An answer booklet is provided which includes a brief explanation of the right answer for each question, which may help a child (or adult!) to realise where the child has gone wrong. Finally, the folder includes some stiffening cardboard and a sheet of pink paper, whose purposes is unclear to me (possibly for the child to use for rough working, or to slide down each question page in order to mask future questions). Overall, this is a nicely presented and useful set of test papers. If you are invigilating your child sitting these papers, you will need to have a stopwatch and be prepared to concentrate hard, because the test are broken into individually-timed sections, some of which are as short as 6 minutes. You will also need to allow for periods of time to read the example questions before each section.

Darrin(17/06/2015) - Relates to CEM 11+ Practice Papers (Pack 3)


Very well compiled with an excellent selection of test questions. A colleague who is an 11+ tutor was extremely impressed and said it was a perfect companion to tuition, or as a standalone practice aid for any young person taking the exams. I reckon if a professional thinks its that good then that must be high praise indeed!

Jeniffer(16/06/2015) - Relates to CEM 11+ Practice Papers (Pack 3)


This is yet another excellent tool for both children taking the CEM (Durham University) test, and their parents. The tests are challenging and the answers weren't that easy for either myself, who am helping a friend's son with his upcoming test, or for my teacher son who was very interested to see how the stuff compares to what he teaches his 9yos. There are answer sheets to be used, or the child could of course write directly into each test paper. The invaluable answer book not only provides answers, but explanations that are clear to both kids and parents. It also guides parents in what to expect of their children, and how to prepare their children, and how to encourage them if their results aren't up to the pass marks (indications of expectations are given, but apparently these can vary from school to school). Set A, Paper 1 covers (in this order):Verbal Reasoning (VR) - Comprehension/VR Synonyms, VR Shuffled Sentences (put the words in order to make a sentence and find the odd man out), VR Cloze (inserting missing letters in a word in mid-sentence), Non-Verbal Reasoning (the stuff that includes shapes and makes your eyes boggle) and Numerical R (Maths). Set A, Paper 2 covers (in this order): Non-Verbal R (as above), VR - Cloze (choose the right words in separate sentences to make up a paragraph that makes sense), Numerical R (Maths). Set B, Paper 1 covers (in this order): VR Comprehension, VR Comprehension 2, VR Antonyms, VR Multiple Meanings (words which have differing meanings, depending on context), Non-V R (as above). Set B, Paper 2 covers (in this order): VR Odd One Out, VR Cloze (choose the right words in separate sentences to make up a paragraph that makes sense) and Numerical Reasoning (Maths). There's a pretty even mix of all the topics included in testing, and the child we've been helping has coped well. He did especially well in N-V R, which surprised me as this is one area where both we adults struggled. Overall, this is a great set of tests, with each meant to be done under test conditions, e.g. 20 simple Maths questions in 10 minutes, 12 mins to complete 12 Odd Man Out questions, preparing your child for not only having to get the answers right, but for learning to work under test conditions, and providing handy tips about how to tackle easy and not-so-easy questions.

Rebbeca(11/06/2015) - Relates to CEM 11+ Practice Papers (Pack 3)


THIS IS FOR CEM only. This can be used in any order with packs 1,2 or on it's own. You do need to have used study guides first and practice books. I think it is really good to have much choice in practice papers. I am a Teaching Assistant and have a daughter in KS2.

Regan(05/06/2015) - Relates to CEM 11+ Practice Papers (Pack 3)


Very useful series

Pamela(04/09/2015) - Relates to CEM 11+ Practice Papers (Pack 3)


Good clear book of exam selection papers.

Grady(24/06/2015) - Relates to CEM 11+ Practice Papers (Pack 3)


From my experience with my daughter last year and my son this year , I can confirm that this pack is extremely difficult, my son achieved more than 85% in the first 2 packs ( 4 mock exams ) and didn't even get 60% in this one, he was really disappointed just two weeks before the exam , I would definitely not recommend the 3rd pack

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