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The Handwriting Practice books are fully compatible with any school handwriting scheme and work methodically through letters and joins.. The simple format of the books enables children to work independently, and workbook style exercises consolidate learning. FOCUS points on each page highlight key points for helpers. Handwriting Practice 1 focuses on letter formation and introduces capital letters, supported by: coloured dots and arrows indicating how to form each letter shape dotted lines to write over guidelines indicating the height and length of letters real-life copying tasks which include writing notes, messages and an invitation.

Please note that this product is normally only sold as part of our packs KS2 Handwriting Assault Pack and Handwriting Assault Pack (Age 5-7). Whilst we are happy to sell this item to you, it may not include full answers (or indeed the full questions) and would be more suitable and useful as part of our pack.

Handwriting Practice Book 1
Product Code EN1318
Publisher Schofield and Sims
ISBN 10 0721712037
ISBN 13 9780721712031

Reviews (8)



My daughter has just worked through this workbook and her handwriting has improved considerably. What I particularly liked about it is the differentiated texts, again Schofield and Sims produce yet another brilliant and effective workbook.



My granddaughter loves doing her practice with this book. It has improved her writing skills considerably. Would recommend to anyone.



Love these books and use them alongside the homework that my daughter is set which is mainly practicing writing and arithmetic. So these books help to reinforce her learning.



A good way of practicing writing in a fun way, it makes learning to write an enjoyable experience and quite addictive for a four year old !



I'm using this book as part of an adult beginners ESOL class and finding it very useful for teaching those who write with different scripts (Bengali and Arabic). I particularly like the little arrows which show you which direction to move the pencil. I've just ordered some more copies!



It is a great way to teach the little ones how to write between the lines, photo copy pages from the book and they love doing it as it helps with their confidence

Debbie (23/10/2012)


Nice resource to help children form letters and learn joined up writing. The tried and trusted join the dots is great. Personally I wish schools still taught printing first, so pupils at had a full understanding of letter forms but if pupil use this system to master writing their written work will be readable and neat.



This book is for a more advanced key stage 1, this is for a child primary 2/year 1. The start copies letters then move on to more difficult words and paragraphs.

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