Handwriting Practice Book 2


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The Handwriting Practice books are fully compatible with any school handwriting scheme and work methodically through letters and joins.. The simple format of the books enables children to work independently, and workbook style exercises consolidate learning. FOCUS points on each page highlight key points for helpers. Handwriting Practice 2 focuses on joining letters to form words, supported by: shaded lines to write over to practise joining letters use of guidelines (gradually phased out) indicating the height and position of letters real-life copying tasks which include writing instructions, a letter and a postcard. By the end of Handwriting Practice Book 2, children should be able to write fluently on lined paper.

Please note that this product is normally only sold as part of our packs KS2 Handwriting Assault Pack and Handwriting Assault Pack (Age 7-11). Whilst we are happy to sell this item to you, it may not include full answers (or indeed the full questions) and would be more suitable and useful as part of our pack.

Handwriting Practice Book 2
Product Code EN1319
Publisher Schofield and Sims
ISBN 10 0721712045
ISBN 13 9780721712048

Reviews (7)



As a teacher and a parent this is a practical item for my little girl. Good on price thank you.



So helpful for the grandchildren to practise their writing and they enjoy doing it as it is really easy, would highly recommend it



My little cousin aged 8 has appalling handwriting so I bought this book to encourage him to improve. He is happy to use it and we are hopeful it will help him.



These books are great for our group of young people (14-16 year olds) who want to improve their handwriting. It's a shame you can't order more than 6 at a time as they have worked really well with our groups.

samantha (18/02/2013)


My doughier loved it and she try a lot with it It very simple to learn joining litters good cheats



This handwriting book is help to support your child to learn how to write certain letters & words they struggle with.



This book is great - it is simple and the pages are not busy or confusing. The style of writing is simple and accessible, and builds upon itself incrementally so that there is not a steep learning curve for a child who is easily flustered and de-motivated like my 9 year old. Each page has four or five sections so it is easy to just do a little practice every day or to do several sections for a longer session. I have had no issues with getting my son to do 10-15 minutes a day, and he is fearlessly tackling using his joined-up writing in his lessons. I'm a very happy mum!

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