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A handy book that's packed with useful lists of words made from the individual letter sounds and digraphs.

In addition there are initial and final consonant blends, alternative vowel spellings and tricky words lists that can be used.

Essential for becoming confident with phonics.

Jolly Phonics Word Book
Product Code EN1302
Publisher Jolly Phonics
ISBN 10 1870946790
ISBN 13 9781870946797

Reviews (28)

Debra (23/03/2013)


Brilliant help for my little boy who uses jolly phonics at school and was struggling a little. I'm sure u would agree that help at home goes a long way and these books do just the trick.



When your toddler is getting to the age where they are learning there numbers and letters this is definitely a book to have in your collection, it's a great help for you when your not sure how to learn them there letters and speech.



very useful for helping children with literacy skills at home. tells parents which blends and sounds to use and how to progress onwards with their child/ran.



If your a fan of Jolly phonics then you will find this book a must. I use it all the time in my primary class. Great price.



This goes well with the Jolly Phonics book for those children ready to take that step further. A good tool for pre school.



my 5 years old loved and was very exited because that's what they using at their school as well. good quality



Bought this book for my, nearly, 4 year old prior to starting the foundation year. A great reference point and guide to help me take groups of words for her to learn words both phonetically and by sight.



A very useful book. It shows parents which sounds and blends of words children learn from Reception and in which order to progress. Also helpful for spelling tests. If you are keen on helping your child with literacy at home this is a must even if you are not using the Jolly Phonics scheme.



My son & daughters school use Jolly Phonics so these are excellent workbooks and at the price I paid well worth it! I only wish I had bought them for my son when he started school 3 years ago - but I wasn't really aware of Jolly Phonics then as a first time mum. If your children's school is using this method to teach kids then they are definitely worth it.



Bought for my daughter who has started in reception. They are a great compliment to what she is doing in class and will definitely be hanging on to them ready for daughter no 2 in due course!



Love this book - ideal for my four year old to understand and have fun too.



I bought these jolly phonics word books for a person with learning difficulties she is in her 40s and they have helped her a great deal. Thanks very much Amazon for keeping items like this in stock, yet again another happy customer.



I bought a few of the jolly phonics books and found this one the most used and helpful. Infect I have decided to review it whilst purchasing my second copy as the first one has gone missing and I find it hard to progress my child without it. I have used it with both of my children. Once they got the grasp of the phonic sounds, I found this book very helpful in getting ready words to help practice the sounds they have learnt, rather than have to think them up myself. The words are grouped by sounds and that makes it handy to practice particular sounds and avoid the ones that are still to be learnt. It also covers the list of 'tricky' words that are not pronounced phonetically which is also very handy and helpful. My younger one used to pick this book up on her own often and just try and read a few at a time once she got the hang of her phonics. Was great, but is the reason the book has now gone missing! :-)



My 5 year old daughter has been learning Jolly Phonics in P1. This is a great tool to enhance learning at home and a great way to keep you on track with where they are with reading. This is a book of words - It blocks them off into the learning sections. A great buy.

Jane (02/04/2012)


Lovely book. Easy to learn for young children. Put the phonics into easy rhymes to keep children interested. Helped my daughter loads. Would recommend as resource from nursery age upwards.



A really useful list of words that can be read as the letters and letter combinations are learned. It makes it easy for me to help her.



My son is doing Jolly phonics at school using these books so having them at home is a great help to him and he loves doing it. A must for Key 1 children.



We were recommended this book and although it's early days we're hoping that our daughter's reading, writing and talking skills will progress when using it.



I have been very keen to teach my son the letters of the alphabet but wanted to do it the right way. Having visited his school he will be attending next year, they do follow the Jolly phonics scheme and therefore these books have been great along with the work books. It's given me the confidence to teach and he has enjoyed the colourful pictures and tracing with his finger the letters. We are now moving on to book three after he has managed to read and write the letters in books one and two. Being a working parent and mum to a one year old as well we are only able to do learning for an hour on a Friday so these short to the point books are great. My husband also helps by going over a book for 5 mines at bedtime before reading a short story. It certainly has been a fun way to learn.



i frankly haven't got det opportunity to try the product yet, but I purchased it up on the experience and recommendations by others, and I heard many good things,



My son is using the Jolly Phonics CD and book and loves learning his letters and words using this book.



Really good books and my 4 year old really enjoys using them and is very proud of her efforts - as are we!



This works great alongside the workbooks and shows you the first set of words they learn in groups right through to tricky words which can't be spelled phonetically.



What can I say? Good, fantastic, marvellous, splendid, wonderful, fabulous, amazing, magnificent (I might be over exaggerating a bit loll) : ) I love this product and I recommend it



have a lot of short words to start reading with. not bad. it is too simple-no picas or ets.,only words for reading.



If nothing else, then buy this1If however you should buy the set of jolly phonics, then don't bother. We bought everything and I think we looked at this about 3 times. Still this very informative and it doesn't cost that much (talked myself back into buying it!)



It is exactly what it says on the tin; a list of words! Only buy it if you have poorer literacy/spelling skills and can't think of your own word lists when supporting your child!



Perhaps this book should have an age range on it? My daughter is 2 and is starting to read (yes, she can read dog, cat, sun etc!), but as I never learnt by the phonics method it is difficult to know whether I am teaching her with the correct sounds for each letter. I was recommended the Jolly Phonics series by a teacher/friend and so thought that this book would be a good place to start. But as a previous reviewer states, it is just a list of words! I need to find a book which will teach me how to teach her.

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