KS2 Fractions Assault Pack

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Fractions are a tricky concept for a child’s mind. Whole numbers are no problem, after all they’re counting up to 10 before their 4th birthday...but fractions...they’re tough.

Plenty of teachers try to explain the concept of 'a bit' of a whole number using slices of pizza, bar charty things called cuisenaire rods, tiles and plenty of other classroom props. Often, kids will understand the fundamental principle of a fraction. It’s when they’ve got to start working with them that they run out of confidence. Enter the Exam Ninja KS2 Fractions Assault Pack!

The KS2 Fractions Assault Pack has been put together to instil confidence in children when they deal with Fractions!

KS2 Fraction Assault Pack

Within it is a superb Fraction Workbook that is entirely devoted to fractions! It’s packed full of both explanations and questions on a variety of fraction topics including...

  • Equivalent Fractions
  • Mixed Numbers
  • Estimating Fractions
  • Improper Fractions
  • Simplest Form

Not entirely confident with fractions yourself? No problem. In the middle of the workbook is a detachable booklet with full answers to all the questions.

However, the fraction fun does not end there...

Also within the KS2 Fractions Assault Pack are two intense card games – Fraction Action Snap and Equivalent Fractions Snap.

KS2 Fraction Assault Pack

Both card sets can be used by one child or more to play the games Snap or Pairs and with these cards the pairs are fractions themselves! For example, 50% can be paired with 0.50 and ¼ with 25%.

Are they beginning to feel really confident with their fractions? Then mix the packs of cards to play an even more intense game! Full rules of play are included with both sets of cards.

When combined, these resources will genuinely help boost children’s confidence with those troublesome fractions!

Each KS2 Fractions Assault Pack (Product Code EN9064) contains...
1x KS2 Maths : Fractions (Ninja Code: EN1462, RRP £4.95)
1x Fraction Action Snap Card Game (Ninja Code: EN1527, RRP £4.95)
1x Equivalent Fractions Snap Card Game (Ninja Code: EN1528, RRP £4.95)

So in buying this carefully selected and specially tailored pack you'll even save £1.69!

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Fractions is one of the difficult areas in maths for the children to deal with. This book is helping them to understand what is needed to be able to work out the problems posed. They're coping with the tasks very well. Thank you

() - Relates to KS2 Maths : Fractions


Great little book. Starts from absolute basics and moves on covering everything. Good book to use for a complete revision and find any gaps in understanding fractions. As always the delivery was speedy.

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