2019 KS2 SATs Practice Papers - Pack 2


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Year 6 (Age 10-11) Practice Papers Express Delivery


Pack 2 of our 2019 KS2 SATs Practice Papers are here and (as with Pack 1) they contain three full sets of KS2 SATs tests!.

  • 3x FULL sets of 2019 KS2 Maths Papers - Paper 1 (Arithmetic), Paper 2 (Reasoning) & Paper 3 (Reasoning).
  • 3x FULL sets of 2019 KS2 English Reading Papers.
  • 3x FULL sets of 2019 KS2 SPaG Papers (Punctuation/Grammar Task & Spelling Task).
  • SEPARATE "exam style" booklets for each test.
  • FULL Answers covering every single question.
  • Professionally produced audio files (for the Spelling tests).

These papers have been crafted to really push and prepare children. They're tough, really tough, and if children can conquer these papers then they're certainly ready for the real ones in May!

KS2 SATs Practice Papers (Pack 2)

We really listened to our customer's feedback and so we've printed these practice papers as individual booklets rather than one large book. Every booklet is in full colour (on superb quality paper) and they're delivered to you shrink-wrapped into one package. Terrifyingly realistic and no more sneaky peeks in the back for the answers!

However, not happy with simply putting together the perfect collection of 2019 KS2 practice papers, we wanted to make them even more special. So we produced the audio for the Spelling tests! They're all correctly timed and professionally spoken by a former BBC World Service vocalist.

Nobody else offers such a comprehensive set of 2019 KS2 Practice Papers and no other set of practice papers will prepare your child as well as Exam Ninja's can.

3x KS2 Maths Practice Paper Sets

Carrying on from what was first introduced in 2016, children will have to face three separate KS2 Maths assessments. These are: Paper 1 (Arithmetic), Paper 2 (Reasoning) and Paper 3 (Reasoning). Interested to see what they look like? Why not look at the Sample KS2 Maths Practice Papers PDF.

Paper 1 contains around 35 tricky mental maths questions that include long-multiplication, fractions, decimals and percentages. It's not simple and it's easy to make a mistake. Paper 2 and Paper 3 contain questions devoted to mathematical reasoning and include many more topics like algebra, geometry and even Roman numerals. Preparation is vital.

Within this book are three full sets of tricky KS2 Maths papers. That's 3x Paper 1, 3x Paper 2 and 3x Paper 3 with no repetition or duplication. With this in their arsenal, they can't be any more prepared.

KS2 SATs Practice Papers (Pack 2)

3x KS2 Reading Practice Paper Sets

As with the 2015 and 2016 tests, children no longer have a dedicated 15 minute reading period at the start of the test and nor are the texts all linked by a common theme. The texts and questions get progressively longer and harder as they work through them.

Within the pack are three full sets of extra tough KS2 Reading practice papers. As with the Maths papers, they really stretch children's abilities.

With this in their arsenal, they can't be any more prepared. If you're interested to see what they look like. why not download the Sample KS2 English Practice Papers PDF.

KS2 SATs Practice Papers (Pack 2)

3x KS2 SPaG Practice Paper Sets

SPaG's got harder, a LOT harder and for this May it will be very challenging! The KS2 SPaG tests will assess children on the same topics and these Exam Ninja practice papers are the most authentic simulation available, including both the incredibly tricky Paper 1 : Questions as well as Paper 2 : Spelling.

Plenty of parents can explain what a noun is and how it's different to an adjective, that's quite straightforward. The trouble comes when you're trying to explain prepositions, clauses or noun phrases. It doesn't even stop there! The KS2 SPaG Papers will even delve into scary things like subordinating conjunctions!

Like we said, they're hard...really, really hard! If you're interested to see what they look like. why not download the Sample KS2 English Practice Papers PDF.

KS2 SATs Practice Papers (Pack 2)

To give our customers' children an enviable advantage in the national tests, we've bundled in the audio for all three Spelling Tasks. The instructions are read and the questions asked - it doesn't get any more realistic.

They cannot be any more prepared.

KS2 SATs Practice Papers (Pack 2)

As well as these enormously valuable Maths and English practice papers, we also include all the answers. These are presented as a formal marking scheme (just like the real tests) so your child can potentally score "method marks" if they don't answer a question correctly.

KS2 SATs Practice Papers (Pack 2)

Make no mistake, these papers are not like those available from other publishers. We worked exceptionally hard to make them more challenging, more intricate and a superior preparation tool. They're exactly what children need for May.

2019 KS2 SATs Practice Papers - Pack 2
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Publisher Exam Ninja
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Reviews (5)



Brilliant in every way. Thank you



All products I have ordered are perfect for my needs and the needs of my students. Service is second to none - I normally ring to place an order and ask advice about the products. Nothing is too much trouble and I receive my order the next day. This company takes some beating.



I bought pack1 and pack2 of KS2 SATs Practice Papers age 10-11 recently. Fortunately, these packs were very useful for the SATs preparation. It helped my child so well and as a result, my child find the SATs exam last week very easy.

Personally, I know quite a few exams board who prepare and sell SATs test but Exam Ninja was the best one!

So I would like to thank every one at ExamNinja for their stunning effort!



This is a very good set of books for your kids to prepare for the SATS Tests. My son enjoyed every questions in it and showed great interest in doing it. I highly recommend this.



A really useful resource with content generally pretty much in line with official SATS papers. Will definitely use these again.
Some frustration over not knowing point 'scaled score' conversion, although understandable, as official scaled score points are variable year-on-year. Instead, I opted to use the most recent scale which, I think, might have been a little high (scores generally came in a little lower than I'd have expected) but still gave a realistic picture.
Set A Reading paper consists of 3 quite 'dense' texts - all individually appropriate, but together perhaps a little heavier than was the case in SATS, which would more likely include 1 or 2 at this level of density , then another slightly 'lighter'.
Reading mark scheme quite unforgiving, as only 1- or 2-mark questions available, compared to SATS in which have some 3-markers give a little more flexibility in awarding 'part' marks.

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