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This Workbook (with free Online Edition) is packed with practice questions for Key Stage Three English (ages 11-14) - all fully up-to-date for the new curriculum from September 2014 onwards. It contains plenty of practice to help students build all the important skills, including reading, writing, quoting and understanding Shakespeare. Answers to every question are printed in a separate book (9781841462714), and matching study notes are available in CGP's KS3 English Study Guide (9781847622570).

Please note that this product is normally only sold as part of our packs KS3 English Practice Pack and KS3 English Workbook. Whilst we are happy to sell this item to you, it may not include full answers (or indeed the full questions) and would be more suitable and useful as part of our pack.

KS3 English Workbook (Questions)
Product CodeEN1078
ISBN 101847621546
ISBN 139781847621542

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This book and several others I purchased for my children, this site was recommended to me by a teacher
My son is in year 8 and although he is good at English - he needs a bit of help with revising. He has really surprised me and has enjoyed all the books I have given him.
I can see a difference in his projects already. This book has given him direction.
Would highly recommend.



How do you REVISE for English? I am not a teacher but as a parent needed some guidance on how to help my child. My 12 year old son has just had his end of year 8 school exams. In December his teacher told me that his class work and homework were good, but he really struggled in tests because he couldn't seem to focus or ran out of time. I bought this book and for a few months before exam week he worked through an exercise once or twice a week by himself. When he had done the exercise we talked though what he had written and I made suggestions on alternatives. In the week before exams (half term...ugh!) he did an exercise most days. He did really well in his exam. The most significant thing for me is that his confidence has been really boosted, it is only year 8 after all. In our experience this book is great for providing focus for a child to revise English and some exercises for them to work to time. Further, it gave ME lots of food for thought and a starting point for conversation about what he was thinking and doing. That was really key. If as a parent you are considering getting this book, make sure you are willing and able to put in the time with your child working through their answers and building up their confidence. Seems to have worked for us. :o)



the books in this series are a must have for any parent who wants to help their child with school work, they pretty much cover everything that's in the current curriculum.



Who did you buy the KS3 English Workbook for and why? I bought this book as a tutor for a few of my children.

Has it benefited them? There is a lot to go at in the workbook which covers a lot of different areas so you can dip in and out without having to go from page to page. This was very useful.

Would you recommend it? Yes I would recommend it as a great tool to revise and reinforce areas that children might struggle with.



From a teachers point of view this makes life easy as everything is clearly covered and student won't miss anything however from a student's point of view (mine at least) they found it a little boring and the texts to analyse were not very inspiring. Good if you have children who are very eager to learn, not so good if you have reluctant children who YOU want to learn!!

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