KS3 Maths Exam Practice Workbook (Foundation)


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Every day we get asked for practice papers for children in Years 7-9. Whilst KS3 practice papers are available, unfortunately they will assess pupils on topics they have not yet learned.

What our customers really need are practice tests that have been grouped by topic. That way, when their children have learned it in the classroom, they can go home and practise it! Great news! Here’s what we’ve found...

The KS3 Maths Exam Practice Workbook is a chunky, six section book that gives children the opportunity to test their classroom learning at home with exam-style questions.

Within the book are hundreds of realistic and challenging Maths questions across all the topics they will cover in Key Stage 3. Every question has a mark and a dedicated answer area to help mimic a full exam-style test.

KS3 Maths Practice Tests detail

This Foundation Level KS3 Maths Exam Practice Workbook covers the topics they’ll need to know (numbers, algebra, graphs, ratio, proportion, geometry and more).

Needless to say, the KS3 Maths Exam Practice Workbook perfectly follows the new curriculum.

Full answers can be found within the included (and entirely separate) Answer Book so there’s no need to worry about them sneaking a peek in the back of the book!

If you would like a book that will test your child’s Maths skills at home, using realistic, exam-style questions, then the KS3 Maths Exam Practice Workbook is exactly what you’ve been looking for.

Each KS3 Maths Exam Practice Workbook (Foundation) (Product Code EN9112) contains...
1xKS3 Maths Test Practice Workbook (Foundation)(Ninja Code: EN1701, RRP £4.95)
1xKS3 Maths Test Practice Answers (Foundation)(Ninja Code: EN1702, RRP £2.00)

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A very quick delivery. I am a tutor and this workbook is a an excellent way of supporting the less confident.



Great book. My daughter struggles with maths and these books are very useful.



Using this with y 12 year old grandson to give him the support he needs in his second year of secondary school. I am a qualified teacher and find the workbook an excellent check on the work I am doing with him. Gives him practice for his school tests too.

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