KS3 Science Revision Guide (Foundation)


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This smashing Study Guide explains everything students need to know for Key Stage Three Science — all fully up-to-date for the new curriculum from September 2014 onwards. It’s ideal for students working at foundation level (it covers what would have been called Levels 3-6 in the pre-2014 curriculum).

Every topic is explained with clear, friendly notes, diagrams and examples, and there are practice questions on most pages to test the crucial skills.

KS3 Science Revision Guide (Foundation)
Product Code EN1083
Publisher CGP
ISBN 10 1841462403
ISBN 13 9781841462400

Reviews (11)

Lucy Rodgers(27/05/2012)


My 12 year old daughter who is in year 8 found this revision book great for science and it has improved her grades immensely. Would definitely recommend

Nils Blythe(27/05/2012)


not a lot to say about it. it's exactly what I expected it to be. a science book that will help me pass my exams.

Phil Hendry(03/05/2012)


This book is detailed and easy to follow at the same time. Each unit includes catching diagrams and highlighted key-words that every student can follow. The colourful layout, humorous text and large print ensure that kids enjoy reading their notes. I recommend this book for revision and as a guide for teachers.

Polly Lillington(26/04/2012)


My Daughter, who is year 7, Science Teacher recommended this book to give her an extra challenge. It is well worth the money and is extending her knowledge in a subject that she finds interesting. The book is written in a humorous way to attract children from KS3-5.

Nick Hingham(07/01/2012)


This book has been laid out clearly with an excellent use of language for children in the Key Stage 3 years to understand, It actually makes learning about science an enjoyable prospect.

Lisa Hameln(18/12/2011)


This revision guide summarises clearly and concisely all the science you need up to and including Year 9, with sections on Life Processes, Materials and Physical Processes. And it's great for learning because it explains everything in an entertaining and accessible format (check out the cold polar bear and the elephant in stilettos!). Our children have worked steadily through it preparing for exams, and the pages are getting dog-eared. Conclusion: a comprehensive and well-written guide to KS3 Science. Wish we'd had books like this when I was at school.

Anthony Massey(10/10/2011)


This book came in very handy because it has a very clear instruction/explanation of what something is... and it has got a really big amount of info in it

Immran Chakrabarti(06/04/2012)


This is a well laid out revision guide which has been helpful in supporting my son with his KS3 Science studies. It has helped me help him too. It didn't however, have anything on polymers which we needed. It is user friendly and quite eye-catching. My son has felt it has helped him revise areas he was unsure of, successfully.

Adam Cuckas(23/02/2012)


I bought this revision guide, along with a Letts KS3 success Science revision Guide for my 12 year-old child who has dyslexia. His science teacher recommended it, I believe, as it used a slightly different approach to presenting the information. I like the way the information is presented and this is written with a sense of humour, however, pupils with dyslexia (or similar specific learning difficulties) may find this difficult to read. The type-face is quite bold and not 'easy-on-the-eye'. Many key words are in different colours (which is great if the coloured type-face doesn't bother the reader) and many words are underlined. I found it 'uncomfortable' to read for long periods of and I don't have dyslexia. For pupils revising short sections at a time, it would be very beneficial. There is a revision summary for each section, with 30 or so questions and the answers must be written on a separate sheet. Answers to a very few 'trickier' selected questions are in the back of the book and the author advises that the answers to most of the questions are found in the relevant sections.

Paul Jones(04/12/2011)


Helped me a lot and anyone who struggles this would be your guide! I got a level 7+ which is about an A/* in grading! Good purchase! thank you

Michael O’Connor(22/11/2011)


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