Year 1 (Age 5-6) - Key Stage 1

Early Comprehension Pack

Early Comprehension Pack

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During Year 1 your child will learn maths in a very hands-on way. They will do plenty of counting, number games and using everyday objects to help them do simple calculations or solve problems.

Their Maths will cover all the core skills such as using number lines, simple addition and subtraction, money, doubling and halving, telling the time to the hour and half hour, measuring, naming 2D and 3D shapes and collecting and recording data.

English in Year 1 is generally split into Reading and Writing. Your child will learn to use their phonics knowledge to read more complex words, know all the 40+ phonemes (sounds) and understand which letters or groups of letters correspond to them. They will also learn to read and spell with -s, -es, -ing, -ed, -er and -est endings as well as cover a range of poems, fictional stories and non-fiction texts.

At the end of Year 1 is the Phonics Screening Check or "Phonics Test".Your child will need to read 40 words and non-words, one-on-one with their teacher.

Non-words (or alien/pseudo words) are a collection of letters that follow phonics rules but don’t mean anything. For example 'brool' or 'clud'. Your child will need to read all 40 words with the correct sounds to show that they understand the phonics rules behind them.

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