Year 3 Maths Practice Pack (Ages 7-8)

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Year 3 (Age 7-8)Study & Workbook Packs


With Year 3 now drawing to a close (and the SATs thankfully past us!) it's time to look back at all the topics your child has learned this year.

Your child's Maths has become a lot more challenging this year and now's a great time to tackle any weak spots.

What's the best way of doing this? With our Year 3 Maths Practice Pack!

Enter the Exam Ninja Year 3 Maths Practice Pack, a carefully selected and perfectly matched pack of five books to help your child conquer all their mathematical concerns. It's a comprehensive practice tool for children aged between 7 and 8 and includes four targeted workbooks and a helpful study book.

The workbooks are essentially the question books and all four are bursting with perfectly pitched mathematical questions encompassing all the right topics for your Year 3 child. Some of the questions they'll find relatively easy and some they'll find exceptionally hard. Remember, it's a comprehensive Year 3 Maths practice tool!

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The questions in each book are grouped together by topic which makes it easy for your child to 'dip in' and 'dip out' on whatever weakness they wish to target.

If your child finds a question they don't understand or struggle to tackle, this pack has got them covered. Within the included Study Book are a wealth of colourful and easy to follow explanations and worked examples that clearly demonstrate how to approach every question.

Rest assured, all the questions and study notes are fully updated to the new national curriculum and all their respective answers are included.

The Exam Ninja Year 3 Maths Practice Pack is a superb practice tool that children can use alongside their school work to help them practise their Maths.

Each Year 3 Maths Practice Pack (Ages 7-8) (Product Code EN9049) contains...
 1x Year 3 Maths Targeted Study Book (Ages 7-8) (Ninja Code: EN1478, RRP £4.95)
 1x Year 3 Maths Targeted Question Book (Ages 7-8) (Ninja Code: EN1480, RRP £4.95)
 1x Year 3 Maths Workout Book (Ages 7-8) (Ninja Code: EN1524, RRP £3.95)
 1x Year 3 Mental Maths Workout Book (Ages 7-8) (Ninja Code: EN1525, RRP £3.95)
 1x KS2 Maths Practice Book (Ages 7-8) (Ninja Code: EN1577, RRP £7.95)

So in buying this carefully selected and specially tailored pack you'll even save £4.80!

Reviews (7)



On the face of it , seems quite good.
Since it is for the next school year I haven't gone through it with Lottie.
It is for reference so that I know how she is being taught eg
When I was at school we had hundreds / tens/units ... now its hundreds/tens/ones



Who did you buy the Year 3 Maths Practice Pack (Age 7-8) for and why?
We bought it for our daughter to help with her maths end of year exams
Has it benefited them?
This set has helped her more than Kumon could help her for 5 months. Enough practise with these test will do as much or even better than very expensive tution fees.
Would you recommend it?
Certainly, just need to sit down with your child and see to it that they work through the books. Any other tuition parents are anyway expected to do most of the work- this is just a lot cheaper.



Who did you buy the Year 3 Maths Practice Pack (Age 7-8) for and why?

Has it benefited them?

Would you recommend it?
I bought this for my daughter who is in year 3 . She loves math and this has proved to be so helpful understanding what they cover within the curriculum. I am extremely happy with this product and will recommend it to anyone with a child in year 3. Many thanks for the gift you included with this order! May daughter loves them!
We will definitely be back for more products.



Who did you buy the Year 3 Maths Practice Pack (Age 7-8) for and why? 7 yr old - help practise

Has it benefited them? Yes

Would you recommend it? Definitely



This pack is good for my son it will b more good for the parents if answer is include in the pack for more support.

() - Relates to Year 3 Maths Targeted Question Book (Ages 7-8)



() - Relates to Year 3 Mental Maths Workout Book (Ages 7-8)



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