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Year 4 SPaG Practice Pack (Ages 8-9)

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Year 4 SPaG Practice Pack (Ages 8-9)

Most parents can explain what a noun, verb or adjective is...but can you get your head around pronouns,adverbials or subordinating conjunctions?! It's just as tough for your children!

At the end of Year 4, your child will likely have a KS2 SATs style test with a dedicated SPaG (Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar) assessment. It's a 'quick-fire' paper of almost 50 questions that probe your child's understanding of SPaG. It's a simple and yet unrelenting test.

It's still relatively new and there remains a real lack of up to date practice materials. At Exam Ninja though we're all about preparation and as always, we saw this coming!

Introducing the Exam Ninja Year 4 SPaG Practice Pack, a carefully put together pack of books to help your child utterly nail their SPaG tests! It's not just good, it's not just great, heck it's not even's perfect.

Within the pack are four workbooks and a study book:

  • Year 4 Spelling SAT Buster - A comprehensive and detailed Year 4 spelling workout.
  • Year 4 Punctuation SAT Buster - A punctuation exercise book that ranges from the basics of capitals all the way up to semi colons.
  • Year 4 Grammar SAT Buster - Do they know their adverbs from their prepositions, pronouns and conjunctions? Not many do...but they will afterwards!
  • Year 4 English Practice Book - Over 120 pages of full colour, English practice questions (including SPaG, Reading and Writing!).
  • KS2 SPaG Study Book - A superbly detailed SPaG study book that explains (in full colour) everything they need to know for their tests.
  • A full and comprehensive answer booklet (parents, we feel your relief).

Year 4 SPaG Practice Pack (Ages 8-9)

Each workbook genuinely probes your child's SPaG skills and through each of their intense exercises, your child's understanding and confidence will grow. If they get stuck, are unsure or need a reminder about certain topics, the included study book will provide the answer.

All the questions (particularly those in grammar and punctuation) may seem unusual at first but through careful consideration their answers can be worked out. As ever, once your child's confidence is boosted, answering them will seem second nature.

These books teach as well as test and they offer your child a comprehensive preparation towards their Year 4 SPaG tests.

Within the Year 4 SPaG Practice Pack (Ages 8-9) are the following books:

Quantity Title Product Code RRP
1 KS2 English SPaG Study Book EN1292 £5.95
1 Year 4 Grammar Targeted Question Book (Ages 8-9) EN1486 £3.95
1 Year 4 Punctuation Targeted Question Book (Ages 8-9) EN1488 £3.95
1 Year 4 SPaG Answer Book (Ages 8-9) EN1489 £2.00
1 Year 4 Spelling Targeted Question Book (Ages 8-9) EN1487 £3.95
1 KS2 English Practice Book (Ages 8-9) EN1584 £7.95

In buying this carefully selected and specially tailored pack you will save £2.80.