KS2 SATs High Achievers English Pack

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Year 6 (Age 10-11)Study & Workbook Packs


To finish primary school on a high and walk out as "above expectations" your child will need their KS2 SATs "scaled score" to be above 100. Now believe us, in English, this is mighty challenging!

In their KS2 English Reading test they will need to be able to explain the meaning of words in the context of their text as well as in their literal form. They will need to explain and justify inferences in both fiction and non-fiction texts and they'll even need to discuss language choices in poetry. It's all a lot more advanced that just skim-reading a passage and plucking out a fact!

In their KS2 SPaG test (spelling, punctuation and grammar) they will need to be able to distinguish a subordinating conjunction from a subordinate clause, a common noun from a proper noun and past perfect tense from past progressive tense. Just reading this is enough for most people to want to grab a coffee and have a brief lie down!

How can you help them beat these challenging tests and emerge as "above expectations"? By using the Exam Ninja KS2 SATs High Achievers English Pack!

Within the pack are four books: two dedicated to the KS2 English Reading test and two for the KS2 SPaG test with a workbook and revision guide for each. It's a dream come true for anyone that gets their homophones muddled up with their relative pronouns!

The revision guides carefully explain the topics in a concise and easy to digest way with plenty of pictures to help illustrate complex facts and techniques. They also have superb glossaries in the back that are priceless when your children mix up their personification with their onomatopoeia!

The workbooks follow on from the revision guides and supply plenty of challenging questions to test that children have understood everything. With hundreds of questions in each there's plenty there to make sure they're well prepared.

Thankfully (especially for us parents), all the answers are included at the back of the workbooks.

So if your child is a talented little ninja that's potentially "above expectations", get our KS2 SATs High Achievers English Pack!

Each KS2 SATs High Achievers English Pack (Product Code EN9113) contains...
1xKS2 Achieve 100 Plus Reading Practice Book(Ninja Code: EN1769, RRP £5.95)
1xKS2 Achieve 100 Plus Reading Revision Guide(Ninja Code: EN1770, RRP £5.95)
1xKS2 Achieve 100 Plus SPaG Practice Book(Ninja Code: EN1771, RRP £5.95)
1xKS2 Achieve 100 Plus SPaG Revision Guide(Ninja Code: EN1772, RRP £5.95)

So in buying this carefully selected and specially tailored pack you'll even save £2.85!

Reviews (7)



Such an amazing pack and as the name implies 'packed' with exercises which are varied, challenging but very well-presented. My daughter has found these extremely useful and complementary to what she's been doing at school.



ive not got them but by the review i know there good



The books are excellent for year 6 revision.
My granddaughter has gained in confidence since using the books and is not afraid to do comprehension tasks any more. the questions are there to help her understand where she needs help and how to improve. An excellent set of books, highly recommended.



Very prompt service arrived quickly. The books are exactly what I have been looking for.



The SPAG revision book in this pack is essential reading for any year 6 student. The definitions for each term are very clear, easily understood and are backed up with excellent examples.



My daughter has loved these books - she is more confident in her ability and feels happier practicing on her own too!



I have started using these books and so far my young student has found the tasks interesting and I think he feels stretched a little which is what I was looking for.

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