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In 2016 the 'level 6' optional tests were replaced by 'scaled scores'. So for this year, instead of your smart little ninja facing a separate (and super tricky) test, their challenging questions will be found among the KS2 SATs tests that everyone takes.

To finish primary school on a high and walk out as "Above expectations" they need their scaled score to be above 100...and believe us, in Maths, this is going to be mighty challenging!

In their KS2 Maths tests they'll need to be able to perform long multiplication and long division, change fractions to decimals (and vice versa), perform algebra, multiply decimals, calculate the area of parallelograms, recall Roman numerals and more.

How can you help them beat these challenging tests and emerge "above expectations"? By using the Exam Ninja KS2 SATs High Achievers Maths Pack!

Within the pack are four books: three challenging workbooks and a helpful revision guide in which to tackle the toughest questions in their KS2 Maths SATs papers. It's a dream come true for anyone that struggles with ordering their fractions or dividing the damn things!

The revision guide carefully explains the content in a concise and easy to digest way with plenty of pictures to help illustrate complex concepts, methods and techniques.

The workbooks follow on from the the revision guide and poses plenty of questions to test that children have understood everything. With hundreds of questions in each there's plenty there to make sure they're extremely well prepared.

Thankfully (especially for us parents), all the answers are in the back of the workbooks.

So if your child is a talented little ninja that's "above expectations", we would recommend you get our KS2 SATs High Achievers Maths Pack!