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KS3 Science Study & Question Book Pack (Higher)

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KS3 Science Study & Question Book Pack (Higher)

Remember sitting on those tall, wobbly and uncomfortable science stools at school? Listening carefully and understanding new concepts is not easy when you're stuck on one of those and feeling dreary on a Friday afternoon... So, here's something to ensure children have a great opportunity to catch up and properly understand what they've been taught in class, something truly awesome...

The KS3 Science Study & Question Pack is a comprehensive learning and practice tool for children aged between 11 and 14. It includes three Study & Question books that combine crystal-clear study notes with indispensable practice questions.

The books are split into the three core science subjects (Biology, Chemistry and Physics) and are available as either the 'Higher Level' or 'Foundation Level'. Each book covers every topic, all fully up-to-date to the new curriculum.

KS3 Science Study & Question Book Pack (Higher)

This particular pack is geared towards children working towards the higher level. In addition to the helpful study notes and practice questions, there's a section covering everything pupils need to know about 'working scientifically'.

Answers to all of the included questions are found within in a separate answer booklet so no sneaky peeks in the back! The KS3 Science Study & Question Pack is a superb tool that children can use alongside their school work throughout Years 7, 8 and 9.

Within the KS3 Science Study & Question Book Pack (Higher) are the following books:

Quantity Title Product Code RRP
1 KS3 Biology Study & Question Book (Higher) EN1503 £5.95
1 KS3 Chemistry Study & Question Book (Higher) EN1504 £5.95
1 KS3 Physics Study & Question Book (Higher) EN1505 £5.95
1 KS3 Science Study & Question Book Answers (Higher) EN1506 £2.00

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