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Understanding Algebra can be a challenging hurdle for your child. Luckily, CGP's Practise & Learn Algebra is an excellent resource for developing your child's Algebraic ability.

Packed with detailed and colourful pages that both explain and exercise the unfamiliar concepts behind algebra, it's no suprise that CGP's Practise & Learn Algebra book is incredibly popular with our customers.

Topics include BODMAS, Number sequences, Formulas, Problem Solving, and many more.

Practise & Learn Algebra (Age 10-11)
Product Code EN1681
Publisher CGP
ISBN 10 1847629849
ISBN 13 9781847629845

Reviews (10)



excellent item 5 star



This book builds up the basic algebra on a gradient allowing the student to build and practice his/her skills along the way.



These books are great ,as they are the same as used in school ( I think ) I have now bought 4 of these French ,English ,and maths , my granddaughter has found the jump to high school difficult ,,,so these books are a big help to her ,she can do as much or as little as she wants ,at a time that suits he, so mainly ,,she does her school homework as soon as she comes home, then later in the evening ,,,does some work in the books, I'm hoping this will help her feel more relaxed at school in lessons ,



Great for my son aged 10.



This is one of a series of Maths Skills Practice workbooks which take your child from counting skills, through times tables and mental maths and on to this last book in the series, Algebra for Key Stage 2 ages 10-11. Algebra is a branch of mathematics which substitutes letters for numbers and turns real life problems into mathematical equations, where the letters represent the unknown. Many children find algebra confusing, but this colourful and well laid out workbook will take your child through everything they will need to know to understand and succeed at algebra; which is part of the new National Curriculum in Year 6. The workbook covers number sequences, BODMAS (this is very important as it shows your child which part of a calculation to do first in sums such as 18 x (4+2) + 7 = ? in order to achieve the correct answer), word problems, missing numbers, basic algebra, using algebra, solving equations, formulas, problem solving, algebra and angles and algebra and shapes. There is a pull out answer booklet and each area covered has good explanations and examples, as well as plenty of questions to complete and to make sure they understand the concepts covered. The workbook is attractive, nicely laid out, colourful and is very easy to understand and complete. A good buy if your child finds algebra confusing or you simply want to ensure that they have extra practise in this area.



I got this book to help my Daughter with the 11 plus. She has really enjoyed working through this book on her own, which I was shocked about because Maths is not her favourite subject. The book explains very well how to work out every section and answers are in the book so parents can check their child's progress.



They make it quite easy to learn & understand algebra..It is too easy for my nine year-old daughter. Not enough exercises.



Does a bit of each algebra type. Cud do with more of a explanation. But made my life easier in him school



This book was bought to help my daughter with her 11 plus examination which includes some basic algebra. The book in itself is good, however it is very much an introductory level book. To give an example of some of the topics, it starts with very basic number sequences, then explains basic order of operations (BODMAS), then uses missing numbers to show how equations work and finally introduces basic algebraic expression. It's strength is that it gives word problem examples too, and that it introduces angles and algebra which is useful for sates and 11+ Other reviewers mentioned a desire for answers. There is a clear answer section in the middle of the book with all the answers in the edition I received. This can be removed if necessary.



my son likes it and that's the most important thing, I would've appreciated if it had an answer sheet at the back

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