Practise & Learn English (Age 10-11)

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Revision for KS2 SATs can often be stressful or trying for children, which is why Coordination Group Publications Ltd has released their colourful Practise and Learn series. The range of revision guides provide practice questions for examinations while injecting an element of fun into proceedings.

Acting as a cross between a study book and a work book, the Practise and Learn guide provides a clear, simple and fun ‘learn as you work’ structure that lets children work through sections of the subject one at a time.

In the case of the Practise and Learn Key Stage 2 English guide for 10-11 year olds, it is packed with a wide range of exercises and brain-teasing tasks that cover all the important English skills, such as word play, punctuation, connectives and similes. It also comes with useful tips at the top of each page to help your child get started.

For parents, the answers are all included in an easy-to-use pull-out section, along with suggestions for helping children get the most out of the book. It’s the perfect revision guide for extra practice outside of school, which shakes off the cobwebs of traditional revision and offers a more fun alternative.

Over the booklet’s 32 pages, your children will learn, through the help of colourful cartoons and diagrams how to do everything from identifying suffixes and prefixes, reading extracts or writing about a poem or book. It has everything that they will need to know for the current Curriculum examinations and does so in easy-to-digest chunks.

With KS2 SATs exams coming up, now is the time to get your child practicing all the subject basics. With this booklet, at least they will conduct their revision in a fun, practical and colourful way.

Why should I get the CGP Practise & Learn English 10-11?

  • It’s bright, colourful and a change from the usual dull practice papers
  • It covers all the essential parts of the English Curriculum
  • Covers all English subjects including paragraphs, persuasive writing and prefixes
  • Includes full pull-out answer section for parents and tutors
  • Series range includes Maths and Skills Practice
Practise & Learn English (Age 10-11)
Product Code EN1045
Publisher CGP
ISBN 10 184762734X
ISBN 13 9781847627346

Reviews (4)



As a teacher I would definitely recommend these great value books to parents to help their children practice their English at home. This book is aimed at Year 2 children (ages 6-7) but could be used by other children depending on their ability. Each double sided page focuses on a particular topic covering a variety of work including phonics/spelling, sentence structure, grammar, vocabulary and punctuation, as well as comprehension questions about fiction, non-fiction and poetry. Each exercise is explained and then there are various tasks to complete. Some questions require a word or a phrase to be written whilst other tasks require a longer piece of work. A few tasks involve matching or drawing a ring around the correct answer. There is also a crossword, word search and game amongst the activities. To complete the work, basic reading skills are required but this is suited to the ability of the work and children will obviously improve their skills through working through this book either independently or with some support. Each of the 32 pages are in full colour and the pictures make the book look appealing. There is an 8 page black and white pull out in the middle of the book with the answers so the work can be checked and corrected as necessary. English and Maths books are available in this series from Year 1 to Year 6 as well as Handwriting, Spelling and Times Tables.



What a great revision/practice book! Lots of activities on each page allowing time to really revise and remember key grammar and spelling strategies. Highly recommended for parents who want to support their child but might not be sure where to begin.



I got this for my 5-year-old who is in Reception Year. It's mostly too advanced for her; it is aimed a higher age group after all so it'd be wrong if it wasn't. There is some stuff she could do but the rest we'll wait until later to teach her. The topics in the book are:- Phonics- Air and ear sounds- Plurals- Sentences- Prefixes and suffixes- Tongue twisters and riddles- Compound words- Adjectives- Questions- Punctuation- Words that are the same and opposites- Joining sentences- Poems- Non-fiction and fiction- Finding facts- Checking over your work The book has an answers section which can be pulled out of the centre so the answers can be checked. This will be useful for parents to check their child's work, but do take it out before you give the book to your child in case they are tempted to cheat. Overall then: a useful aid to your child's learning if they are 6-7, but to be used in conjunction with other teaching.



Initial impressions of this book were good - it's bright, colourful and looks interesting. It is aimed at 6-7 year olds, so pupils in around Year 1 or Year 2, and it is worth noting, (especially if you are hoping that your child can work through this fairly autonomously), that it does require quite a good standard of reading. The book is 32 pages long, (not including the answers), and covers a whole host of topics. There's a useful section on multiples where it presents the rules for changing the word to add an 's' or 'es' when there is more than one of something. The child then has to pick out the right spellings of various words and then write some words on their own. It then quickly moves onto sentences structure, verbs, adjectives and covers lots more on the way. Each topic is only brief, so I would recommend this as a book that you would use to reinforce work already covered in school, as it probably doesn't have enough examples and exercises for a child to use this to learn thoroughly in the first place. That said, I think that it is good at what it aims to do, and my son enjoyed working his way through it - they manage to make every topic seem like fun. There is a pullout section in the middle that contains the answers, along with helpful learning tips. Overall I think that this book is great value for money and should be helpful for many children around the cited 6-7 years age range.

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