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This bright, friendly book has lots of English practice at exactly the right level for 5-6 year olds.

The colourful pages start with guidance on the topic, then have loads of writing tasks, fun exercises and brain-teasing activities.

There's also a pull-out answers section with helpful tips if your child is struggling with the topic.

Practise & Learn English (Age 5-6)
Product Code EN1010
Publisher CGP
ISBN 10 1847627293
ISBN 13 9781847627292

Reviews (44)

Jo Parsons(22/07/2012)


Getting any child to do extra homework is a task in itself, so a nice, easy to use and fun looking system for improving children's language and writing skills is a bonus. Practice & learn English for 6 to 7 year olds is aimed at the Key Stage 1 to early Key Stage 2 market and the wealth of different tasks suits this age bracket well. In fact, it could be just as useful for slightly older children who may be struggling with their English skills. The best use of this training tool will be as an extra guide on top of more structured work. This is not meant to replace standard schooling, but is a fun way to extend this beyond the classroom. The colourful designs and range of activities, from poems to an excellent board game at the back, engage children while ensuring that they are using skills that they've already been taught elsewhere.

Allan Little(19/07/2012)


This workbook is colourful and clearly laid out - practical and useful for a parent or carer who wants to provide additional practice for child 5 - 7 years old or one working at that level of English learning. Varied activities that are easy for an adult to support the child through if necessary, and yet challenging enough for a child to get a sense of accomplishment when achieved.CGP produce loads of useful texts, but this one is more colourful than some and very appropriate for the target age.

Daniel Mann(13/07/2012)


This is a large and colourful book that provides exercises to help a child make his/her way through English Key Stage 1 (ages 6-7). Each page contains one or more themed tasks for a child to complete alone or with a teacher. The tasks typically require the child to highlight or write correct words in answer to questions, colour-in pictures of objects described in words, construct parts of sentences, or write sentences about a given subject. The centre pages contain the answers. These may be pulled out to separate them from the book, so the teacher or child may check later that the answers given are correct. The writing standard is generally excellent, as you might expect. It occasionally misuses proper nouns, and throws in a few unexplained apostrophes but, other than that, I am very impressed with it. As a professional writer reviewing this book, I think it's a really good introduction to using words. It is organized into topics that become progressively more difficult, and it presents each topic in an engaging way. The illustrations are not great, but they do add colour and interest to every page. A good effort!

Ming Tsang(08/07/2012)


Spot on for my daughter who is halfway through year 2 she loved doing it over a number of afternoons and even made up some of her own workbook. I didn't get this to push my daughter more for enjoyment. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to support their children in year 2.

Gillian Hargreaves(04/06/2012)


I also have the Maths ages 5-6 book in the Practise & Learn series. This book is for ages 6-7 Key Stage 1. The book covers 18 different topics from Phonics Practice, to Punctuation, and Fiction. Plus the final page of the book is a game, Race to the Cabin that aims to bring some of the different elements from the book together. The book provides 3-4 hours of activity with your child and I certainly enjoyed a structure exercise with my 6 year old daughter that did not involve dolls. Unlike other educational books this was colourful throughout and with a good variety of learning activities such that if one activity was not interesting them then they could jump to the next page and be involved with a different thing entirely. I think this series has a great combination of being fun, colourful, educational, and good value at this price.

Oliver Del Mar(03/02/2012)


I was rather impressed by this learning aid. It is comprised of sections that deal with all elements of learning English; phonics practice, adjectives, compound words, punctuation, same and opposite words, etc and it is presented in a fun way. It's nicely illustrated so has the look for a puzzle book so kids would be happy to read and learn. I do think that it is necessary for an adult to properly explain the exercises and be on hand for support. We turned this into a fun game. I would happily buy more in this series and offer good value.

Andrew Webb(03/02/2012)


Really well laid out educational book. It is sufficiently coloured & illustrated to maintain interest without losing educational value. A really good book to have at home or that extra bit of learning.

Margaret Skinner(16/01/2012)


Another fantastic learning tool for basic English helping with sounds of words with pictures to help your child recognise how a word is spelt. With a word search and a exercise to write a paragraph to include capital letters and full stops. The book also demonstrates what prefixes and suffixes are, tongue twisters, riddles and compound words using a great line diagram the child matches two halves of the word together. Adjectives are explained with picture aides then the book goes on to punctuation and how to join sentences together. A fun learning tool that will help your child with basic English at a year 2 level.

Richard Watson(09/01/2012)


A good practice book.

Gave this to my 5 and half year old and she really enjoyed completing the activities. Complements what your child is learning in school and gives parents a good tool to support their child at home.

Katie Finnegan(06/01/2012)


These Practise and Learn books are great, and I'm rapidly becoming a fan. Our daughter (just over 5 1/2) regularly plays with the Maths book (age 5-6) voluntarily, which is obviously great for helping her learn on her own while having a bit of fun too. This English book is very similar, but slightly more challenging for her at the moment (there is another English book for ages 5-6 too, but I thought I'd see if I could challenge her a bit since she's doing well with it at school!). She can do the first few pages (mostly phonics-related, as she's learning at school at present), but will have to wait just a couple of months, I think, to do most of the rest of this book. It quickly moves on to cover slightly more advanced topics, such as:- circling the correct spelling of plurals- circling adjectives and verbs- different spellings of word endings, like 'ere', 'err...' and 'ear' and 'ier'- writing prefixes and suffixes- tongue twisters- riddles- punctuation- joining sentences with 'because' etc- poems There's also an interesting piece at the back which encourages them to check and correct their own work by finding mistakes in some sentences and then writing them out correctly. I thought that was quite a nice little addition to help kids improve their own ability to spot mistakes and encourage attention to detail. All in all, the books have plenty of depth, while being easy for children to dip into themselves for just 5-10 minutes at a time if they wish, or spend more time working through a few pages. Each of the sections is nice and short, and in bite-size chunks, so if little ones get tired or frustrated, it's easy to praise what they've done, and pick back up where you left off next time. They're not fancy - just A4 size, like a school workbook, but with colourful, cheery pages to help keep kids interested. Highly recommended, though - well worth their reasonable price.

Carolyn Quinn(31/12/2011)


This book has a wide range of colourful exercises. I liked that it has plenty of positive reinforcement. parents can you use it as an example for creating their own exercises in any area were they child may still be struggling. The only thing I didn't like was when it implied that joining sentences makes them sound much better. That is not always a truism. It was not true even in the example given in the book. I personally spend large amounts of time teaching people to break up overly long sentences. The reasons to join sentences could have been explained more correctly. There is anthropomorphism which a few may not may not like. These kind of books should be used to see how you child is coping. Children enjoy them and you can learn from them new techniques to help teach children yourself.

Robert Griffiths(19/12/2011)


I got this for my six year old niece, I didn't ask her to do the challenges in the book with any great belief that she would but she enjoyed it and each correct answer was very pleasing for her, myself and her parents, cant speak highly enough of this.

Laurence Seares(18/12/2011)


Another great alternative to buying comics for your children. Costs about the same and will assist with your little ones learning. My 5 year old daughter (6 tomorrow!) found this book around her level with only a couple of helps from Mum and Dad. Nice design and layout and makes learning a lot more interesting.5 Stars from me.

Jon Pattersmith(08/12/2011)


My daughter really enjoys doing workbooks and so we were really pleased to find this one. I'd say it's appropriate for the average 6-7 year old - lots of useful exercises which she could do with just a little bit of prompting. In fact on occasion I had to take it off her because she wouldn't put it down ;)I think it represents good value and is good if you want to try and bring a bit of fun into learning.

Mike Costello(18/11/2011)


Great exercise collection, illustrated and suitable for the age group. My son found the exercises interesting and fun, so highly recommended.

Nick Higham(02/11/2011)


This 'Practice & Learn: English (Age 6-7)' has been put together in a way that makes learning very attractive for children. Half the battle at times is making learning enjoyable and this learning aid helps to avoid those awkward 'Oh Dad do we have to?' situations. Our five year old daughter along with our seven year old son have both enjoyed using this book to complement their school learning. Some questions our younger daughter can answer and other more challenging questions our son has been tackling. Liberal use of illustrations help make this English book a positive learning experience for children and not something they dread. Often the same concept is considered from different angles helping to reinforce learning of a particular concept. Good fun: I would confidently recommend this book to any parents with children within the age range.

Rob Watson(05/10/2011)


I got this for my nieces who are 6 and are learning English. They are bright girls and found this book easy, even though English is not their native language and they have only been learning for a year. It was very good practice and revision for them and they keep asking for another one like this! So they give 5 stars.

Rhiannon Jeffrey's(03/10/2011)


This workbook covers lots of topics in a fun way, with activities like word-searches, colouring and filling gaps. It also has a simple game on the back page. It is bright and colourful and makes learning fun. I find the CGP workbooks are some of the best - really good.

Danny Shaw(17/09/2011)


This book teaches me a lot and helps me with my capital letters and full stops. It is not too hard to work through, but gives me excellent practice so that I remember the important things I learn at school.

James Hardy(17/09/2011)


This is a fantastic little English workbook. Covering concepts from phonics, sentence structure, adjectives, poetry and many others in between, this is a great addition to any English/Literacy learning pack and with its lovely, colourful presentation will be enjoyed and engaging for any child. Well done CGP for another lovely little Practise and Learn book. Highly recommended.

Tom Giles(15/09/2011)


Growing up in the 50s had its moments, but school was never really what you might call pleasant, well not for most of us. The one thing that was lacking was bringing fun into the classroom. It was all very serious and had to be done in a certain way. This little gem brings FUN into learning. Using the book with children or grandchildren is a delight - makes me want to be six again - it stimulates the imagination whilst teaching the basics - what a brilliant idea, more please.

Tim Haynes(06/09/2011)


This little books are amazing. They have lot of colourful figures and exercises which stimulate the little ones! Its great fun to see them reading and learning their maths and words! Wonderful for travels if you want to keep them busy in the car or airplane!

Alan Reed(02/09/2011)


This book is great value at the price, and should be used as a supplementary tool on top of the child's regular homework. It is a bit more fun that school work, and is interactive covering verbs, adjectives, prefixes etc. The product targets 6-7 year olds, but obviously it depends on the child if they are ready at a younger age to tackle the book. I like the tongue twister and joining sentences section which makes the child use different dimensions of the English language. I would recommend this book.

Pauline McCole(25/08/2011)


This is a good English practise and learn book. Although it is aimed at those pupils aged 6-7 and in Key Stage 1 because it isn't babyish in content I'd be happy to use this activity with my secondary students who have a reading age/English ability of this level. Equally, you could use this with ESOL students. There are 18 different worksheets that can be completed covering:* phonics* the sounds 'air' and 'ear'* plurals (not 'y')* writing sentences with correct demarcation and also subject/verb/object* prefixes and suffixes* tongue twisters with a focus on alliteration* riddles (may be complex for ESOL students)* compound words (such as blackberry)* adjectives* question words and question marks* punctuation which is ? ' . !* synonyms and antonyms but phrased as the same and opposite* joining sentences with both conjunctions and connectives* poems (mainly looking at rhyme but with a little comprehension)* non-fiction and also finding facts (which is comprehension based around knowing what non-fiction means) then also the same for fiction* proofing your work* finally, there's a little board game on the back cover. In the middle of the workbook are answer pages set out so that children/pupils can complete them alone if that's what you want to do or equally work with an adult to check their work. Nicely presented with colourful (but not bright/vivid) page backgrounds. I think this is well worth the money and would be great to have as a set in a classroom. I'd recommended it!

Colin Gerankye(24/08/2011)


An excellent book that my 7 year old really enjoyed. Lots of exercises illustrated with colourful pictures that make learning fun. Nicely paced in terms of difficulty too, so your child can gain confidence at the beginning and be more challenged toward the end. This book made a recent long car journey fly by, and we were spared the DVD droning in the back of the car too! Highly Recommended.

Mike Sergeant(03/08/2011)


This book consists of 32 bright & colourful pages of different range of exercises which has been put together in a way that it is trying to make learning attractive and a positive activity for/with children. I do struggle with the exercises given from school with my 6 year old; she either finds them too arduous or too tedious, and sometimes she's just had enough. So this book serves an a really useful adjunct that I can sell as 'something different. The exercises are varying and include sentences, poetry, spelling, grammar, riddles and tongue twisters. My only critique is that the sections/topics are relatively brief, just feeling that a few more exercises and posers would be great. But, that is probably testimony to the engaging quality of this book - hence the 5 stars.

Ben Brown(27/07/2011)


My 7 year old girl is OK with English / literacy, she does not love it nor does she hate it, however she picked up this book and finished it in two sessions (and said she loved it). Each of `her' sessions lasted 2-3 hours...It's well set out, starting with very simple exercises building up to something more challenging for 7 year olds. The good points:- Kids learn syntax etc. without feeling they have to- It keeps them busy and quiet for hours Bad points:- none

Robert Cooper(08/07/2012)


My grandson's reading age is a couple of years in advance of his real age so this series of comic book style learning aids is something he enjoys taking part in and using. They're a bright, cheerful and inexpensive way to reinforce school learning and also to test your child's understanding.

Jaidii Diseree(14/06/2012)


I have also got the Maths edition of this Practice & Learn series, and this book follows very much in the same vein with its clear and colourful approach. The eldest of my nieces and nephews is 6 (I think...) and seems quite academically forward. This book seemed to cover his abilities well, which is encouraging both for him, and in the teachings he must have received at school. I did have occasional moments of doubt with the book's use of grammar, which I notice has been highlighted in some of the other reviews here (which in itself is reassuring, as I thought I was imagining it at first). I imagine the days of perfect Queen's English is long gone, so we probably can't be too fussy on our insistence of certain grammatical nuances that we may have been taught in our youth. As long as we can do our best to stop as much 'street' talk and slang especially at this young age, then that's probably the best we can hope for, considering the exposure children have through the media.

Lorna Robinson(05/06/2012)


This brightly coloured home learning book is packed full of interesting activities to help children in Key Stage 1 (years 1 and 2) with their English/Literacy work. It covers lots of ground - beginning with basic phonics, and moving on to sounds which can be spelt in different ways, etc. It also looks at prefixes and suffixes, compound words, adjectives, questions punctuation, extending sentences by using words to join clauses together and much more. The illustrations are child friendly, and the activities are varied so the child wants to continue to learn. The work seems to be pitched at just the right level for its intended market, and it is clearly focussing on National Curriculum content for Key Stage 1. There is an answer section in the middle which parents can remove if they wish, and it contains useful hints and tips for parents about how they can extend their child's learning. I've been impressed with this series of books and will certainly be looking out for more of them as my children move on through their schooling.

Alison Macdonald(22/02/2012)


My son (7) found this to be interesting and even had him asking to do some more 'tests' when he came home from school, which is more than half the battle. Lots of illustrations, plenty of tasks and tests made it fun for us to do together and I'm hoping my younger daughter will also enjoy it as she has started to show an interest because of the pictures (she is 4 1/2).Very useful

Mary "Jetson" Smith(31/01/2012)


this is a great book teaching about English subjects ,for ages 6-7 years ,such as adjectives, prefixes and suffixes, phonics and sentences it contains the answers in the middle of book so can be removed (so no cheating)my daughter, just turned 7yrs old yesterday, enjoyed doing this book and found it fun not a chores got a few of these learning books and found my daughter really liked doing them all my herself and then couldn't wait to show me what she had accomplished

Alison Francis(08/01/2012)


My son isn't six for another couple of months and so I was a little worried that this book was maybe a little too old for him and in some respects it is; adjectives, compound word, etc.

However, there are some good exercises for him, spotting SH, TH and CH words, for example. I'm sure as he gets older then, in conjunction with schoolwork, this will help to improve his English skills.

There are fun exercises, which at his age, fool him to learning stuff without his realising! Good stuff.

Immran Ghosh(27/11/2011)


I like the format of this A4, slim volume. The presentation is attractive too, with excellent illustrations, fonts and use of colour, all in UK English. Exercises are wide-ranging, including topics such as sentences and poetry, riddles and tongue twisters. Overall I'd recommend this book.

Ian Kenyon(22/11/2011)


This is a great book for boosting confidence and competence in English. Most seemed excellent and really helped to explain grammar and rules. It is nicely set out and the pictures and comic style are splendid. Recommended.

Polly Pryce-Houghton(09/11/2011)


fine look and feel, good quality. Good games to play. Ultimately nothing amazing. My daughter is 5 and enjoys it, but still work.

David Crawford(03/10/2011)


This title was used by a bright and enthusiastic 6 year old, who was delighted with it! To my eyes, the pages were clear and colourful, and engaged interest easily. The questions were not too difficult, and an answer sheet is provided lest you are unsure as to what the English scholastic system requires of you as the marker! Attention was lost after around half an hour, but still during that time focus was maintained. I then switched this for the Practice & Learn Maths, which gave us another half an hour of quiet study, pretty much for the same reasons! Recommended, especially for the low price.

Nicola Kohn(26/09/2011)


At 6, the world of anything other than playing is quite boring. Drawing, making things, being silly, these are the things that make boys happy. The trick is in making learning enjoyable - not a chore, nor a tedious moment, but one they approach with something other than boredom and mild fear. It makes my son feel clever, intelligent, and astute. He is perceptive, and thus, this plays to his strengths and his ego, whilst also being full of positive reinforcement, and taxes his abilities. This, therefore, presents him with challenges, but not so much of one that he cannot overcome them, and makes him approach the words with a sense of challenge and satisfaction when he wins. A strong, useful text for children of the right age.

Gillian Grace-Mills(19/09/2011)


I got this book for my 6 year old daughter to practice her English as the school never seems to issue enough homework. She really enjoyed the exercises in the book and was able to work through it without any assistance. She spent an afternoon working through it happily & showing me what she was doing. The only issues I had with this book is that it is too short and seems to be too easy. A normal student will get through the whole book in a few hours. The questions & exercises are fun, innovative & just right to keep a six year old interested - I think a 7 year old may find this far too easy. Probably more suited for age 5-6.

Jo-Anne Pugh(18/08/2011)


My daughter who is 6 (year two) likes this exercise book, especially the tongue twisters and riddles. One of the reason as well is probably the fact that you don't have to write plenty but use your head and connect synonyms or opposites, fill the gaps etc... It is more like a play but children can actually gain some knowledge playing it. The book itself is colourful with appealing illustrations and clear fonts just like the exercise sheets we are getting from school but nicer. Being a graphic designer myself I'm not impressed with the images but kids like them so it is all good. Also a big bonus is a board game on the last / cover page where you have to answer the questions to move forward with your counter (counters and dice not provided).

Nick Ebdon(13/08/2011)


This would be a useful help for parents wanting to give a bit of additional support to a child who is struggling a bit with reading and writing. The layout is clear, and with the use of colour, attractive and 'friendly'. Quite a variety of linguistic aspects are covered, so there will be something of use whatever the difficulty.

Susan Hulme(05/05/2012)


This is a useful little book clearly designed for specific age group. There are many different games there and puzzles related to learning. One thing I would mention that could be improved is the actual design and colours, it just does not seem to look colourful and exciting enough, but perhaps the emphasis here on learning, not fun. I just think that with this age group learning should be made as fun as possible.

Martin Rosenbaum(08/03/2012)


Clear and colourful. The content is appropriately pitched for the average of the age group. The removable answer insert is a good idea for a teacher or parent working alongside the child. However, the workbook is trying to cover too many areas of English - only 1 exercise on most aspects gives insufficient practice. Showing incorrect spellings and text as part of the question can reinforce errors for those less able - which may not be a good idea. It is unrealistic to expect a £4 book of only 17 single worksheets not to be "photocopyable" even WITH a CLA licence. There are others out there that can be reproduced more cheaply. No school is going to buy hundreds of copies of such a 'content light' text. It presumes that the child has access to a Thesaurus and other reference books, and so is solidly aimed at the well-resourced - i.e. the middle class parent.

Nicola Joyce(12/11/2011)


As educational publishers, we know that there are a lot of good phonics materials on the market--and not just the ones we sell. Alas, this isn't one of them. There's nothing much wrong with the material, which (unlike the maths books in in this series) is based upon sound principles. However, if you can whiz through two years of phonics in 32 pages, you won't need this book in the first instance. Children who are struggling with their reading need far, far more practice than this book offers. It might just possibly be of use to a parent who is home-schooling a child who has no trace of a learning difficulty, but even then it would only serve as a rough guide to teaching. Even the quickest learners need a lot more practice than they will get in this book.

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