Practise & Learn Handwriting (Age 5-7)


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This colourful, friendly book is packed with fun Handwriting practice for 5-7 year olds. It contains plenty of engrossing tracing and copying exercises, plus helpful guidance on how to join up each letter — just the thing for perfecting their joined-up handwriting.

Practise & Learn Handwriting (Age 5-7)
Product Code EN1290
Publisher CGP
ISBN 10 1847627439
ISBN 13 9781847627438

Reviews (5)



My son had lost confidence in his handwriting when they introduced joined up letters and this book is really helping him practice - and to enjoy doing so. He likes the phrases or sentences at the end of the page which put the letters into context for him.



Brilliant book, has really helped my son practice his handwriting. Has easy to follow arrows that help children follow the flow of each letter. Highly recommend for some extra help away from school.



First pages practise writing not joined up, then moves on to joined up writing. My son (aged 5) enjoyed using this and it was set out clearly, with a good sized font. The joined writing will be fine for when he moves on to this. As a primary teacher, I can recommend this.



Bought this book for my daughter to use while we were away on holiday later in the year. She is already half way through and we haven't been away yet! She is currently in a reception class at school and is learning about joined up writing, so this book is a perfect companion for studying at home. She seems to really enjoy the opportunity to practice which is made nice and easy with the opportunity to trace over examples and then continue between the lines on your own. It starts off with simple letters and before long she is writing entire sentences joined up thanks to this book.



My son was struggling with handwriting, so I purchased this so he could practice at home. we did a couple of pages each night and it really helped him with his writing.

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