Practise & Learn Maths (Age 10-11)


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Revision for KS2 SATs can often be stressful or trying for children, which is why CGP has released their colourful Practise and Learn series. The range of revision guides provide practice questions for examinations while injecting an element of fun into proceedings.

Acting as a cross between a study book and a work book, the Practise and Learn guide provides a clear, simple and fun ‘learn as you work’ structure that lets children work through sections of the subject one at a time.

In the case of the Practise and Learn Key Stage 2 Maths guide for 10-11 year olds, it is packed with a wide range of exercises and brain-teasing tasks that cover all the important Maths skills, such as problem solving, fractions, brackets and areas of shapes. It also comes with useful tips at the top of each page to help your child get started.

For parents, the answers are all included in an easy-to-use pull-out section, along with suggestions for helping children get the most out of the book. It’s the perfect revision guide for extra practice outside of school, which shakes off the cobwebs of traditional revision and offers a more fun alternative.

Over the booklet’s 32 pages, your children will learn, through the help of colourful cartoons and diagrams how to do everything from converting units, measuring angles or learning their prime numbers. It has everything that they will need to know for the current Curriculum examinations and does so in easy-to-digest chunks.

With KS2 SATs exams coming up, now is the time to get your child practicing all the subject basics. With this booklet, at least they will conduct their revision in a fun, practical and colourful way.

Why should I get the CGP Practise & Learn Maths 10-11?

  • It’s bright, colourful and a change from the usual dull practice papers
  • It covers all the essential parts of the Maths Curriculum
  • Covers all Maths subjects including fractions, division and square numbers
  • Includes full pull-out answer section for parents and tutors

Series range includes English and Skills Practice

Practise & Learn Maths (Age 10-11)
Product Code EN1060
Publisher CGP
ISBN 10 1847627412
ISBN 13 9781847627414

Reviews (4)



An ideal book for an individual child to work in. Helps to give them great confidence when, with the help of the provided text and the pictures so the children can really see what is happening, they can check their own answers and "high fives" galore when they have reached their ultimate goal! Brilliant! Thank you



This is a great book. The child that I was working with was really excited and keen to do his maths lesson when he saw the book. When we opened it, seeing the first page (decimal points) he was not so keen to start! However when we took a look at it , he changed his mind again. The lead into each session is explained so well, with words pictures and examples. It really gives the child the confidence to have a go.
I would recommend this

Adele Intogo(30/01/2012)


It is important to realise this attractive looking booklet is a `workbook' and not a textbook, and as such it is suited to one-off use by a single child. It is large size (approx. 8 inches x 12 inches) but slim with only 30 coloured pages of questions and 8 black & white pages of answers (pull out). However slim it may appear it embraces many hours of involvement (probably 4-6 hours for overall completion). Parental help will depend on the individual child but the target age band of 5-6 years and linking to Key Stage One is appropriate (there are further booklets in the series for ages 6-7, 7-8 etc. up to 10-11 years Key Stage Two).Questions are set and portrayed temptingly for children to interact with subjects of counting, simple additions and subtractions, quantities, patterns, measurements, time and money; and answers are clearly set out. The appearance of pages as `play' scenarios makes learning almost subconscious, and the final page is a game as a form of `snakes and ladders' entitled `Race to the Moon'. Each booklet is relatively cheap and likely to be purchased by parents to supplement school work, rather than purchased by schools where in any event schools will be teaching via their own methodical arrangements. However I understand from a daughter/teacher that, in response to demands from parents for homework to be set, such booklets are used by schools (at parents' expense).

Eleri Curnow(26/12/2011)


I found this really helpful for my kid. Like other books in the series it uses pictures heavily so that children can understand the maths faster. Each section starts with an example and then related questions, which gets a little complex as the exercise develops to test level of understanding. There are counting activities, as well as those requiring painting so it is really interesting. Answers are given at the back. Highly recommended.

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