Writing Booster Pack (Age 7-11)

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All kids love listening to exciting stories about pirates, ghosts and wild adventures but when it comes to telling them, many children find it tricky. Telling captivating stories, especially when it comes to putting pen to paper, is a real skill.

"As part of their KS2 SATs tests, children will take a Writing Assessment comprising of a mixture of fiction and non-fiction tests. These tests are internally moderated or 'teacher assessed' instead of being sent off for formal, external marking and their precise structure is determined by their teacher."

We want your child to do as well as they possibly can, which is why we have crafted our Writing Booster Pack. Within the pack are four workbooks that together can genuinely improve your child’s ability to tell a story.

Books one and two both deal with fiction and help children transform their inspiring imaginations into words. Common plots (e.g. horror, adventure, mystery and ‘twist at the end’) are presented in an open form and children are set writing exercises to finish the story.

By questioning the child’s ideas using 'writing frames', the books genuinely develop their ability to articulate a story. Thought provoking questions encourage children to produce detailed, exciting and colourful fiction tales.

Books three and four deal with non-fiction writing tasks like the obvious adverts and letters and the perhaps not so obvious instruction booklets and biographies. These tasks can be uniquely structured and sometimes mystifying to pupils.

Where appropriate the books remind pupils of the necessary formatting as well as the core questions the tasks fundamentally ask. You would be surprised how many pupils remember how to format a letter but miss half of the information they should have put into it!

Together all four books provide a fantastic practice platform for children in KS2 and especially in Year 6 in preparation for their KS2 SATs tests.

Each Writing Booster Pack (Age 7-11) (Product Code EN9018) contains...
1x KS2 English Writing Workbook 1 (Fiction) (Ninja Code: EN1231, RRP £3.95)
1x KS2 English Writing Workbook 2 (Fiction) (Ninja Code: EN1232, RRP £3.95)
1x KS2 English Writing Workbook 3 (Non-Fiction) (Ninja Code: EN1233, RRP £3.95)
1x KS2 English Writing Workbook 4 (Non-Fiction) (Ninja Code: EN1234, RRP £3.95)

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Arrived promptly. So far, it has been easy to use and meeting the expected standard and hopefully more!



Awesome! Enable us to guide my son and he happy to do so, thank you!

Shaza from Bolton(03/05/2013)


I bought the KS2 English Writing SATs Combat Pack for my granddaughter along side the reading set. She isn't a natural writer, intact she really doesn't enjoy writing at all but these books have really hooked her.

As the previous reviewer has described the books have very specific targets which really helps. We attacked the non-writing first and gradually moved to the fiction. The most successful part is that the titles really interest the learner and they relate to them positively. We are about to do a flashback for Bank Holiday homework and whereas it would have been a challenge we have been able to discuss it and methodically plan it. The writing, in my granddaughters words is the easiest bit - just what I hoped for.

Would you recommend it - I certainly would particularly if you have a reluctant writer to help.

Pauline Lambert(12/03/2013)


These are a set of really quite interesting workbooks, I've never really seen anything else much like them.

Workbook 1 and 2 are fiction, 3 and 4 are non fiction.

So in workbook 1 it lists quite a few of the 'normal' kinda stories kids write (e.g. Horror (!)/Adventure/Fantasy) and for each type of story it sets a scene and then asks the child to write a task. For example in Adventure stories it tells them that a girl has woken up in a street not knowing where she is and then asks them to write how she gets home. It then uses a spider diagram and more questions to get them writing proper answers.

They're not really colourful or particularly embracing but they did get my son writing more thoughtful and detailed (and to be honest more exciting) writing!

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