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Year 5 SATs 10-Minute Tests

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Year 5 SATs 10-Minute Tests

After a full school day, after school clubs, a family dinner and assorted homework, children feel tired. A full 60 minute practice test is often counterproductive.

Stop burning the midnight oil and start working smart.

Enter the Year 5 SATs 10-Minute Tests! This useful pack contains three workbooks, one for Maths, one for SPaG and another for Reading.

Year 5 SATs 10-Minute Tests

Within each book are a number of 10-minute tests that closely mimic Year 5 SATs exams. The books cover all the main Year 5 SATs topics, compressing them into bite-sized tests. This more intense and efficient learning method leads to much more productive practice.

Full answers are included at the back of every book along with a progress chart so children can see how well they’re developing.

These Year 5 SATs 10-Minute Tests are a superb exam preparation tool.  The short, fun tests are easy to fit into a busy day, boosting confidence and productivity.

Within the Year 5 SATs 10-Minute Tests are the following books:

Quantity Title Product Code RRP
1 Year 5 Reading 10-Minute SATs Tests EN1962 £5.95
1 Year 5 SPaG 10-Minute SATs Tests EN1963 £5.95
1 Year 5 Maths 10-Minute SATs Tests EN1964 £5.95

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