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Year 5 Science Workout Pack (Ages 9-10)

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Year 5 Science Workout Pack (Ages 9-10)

“Where do babies come from?” and “Why are the windows all frosty?” are common questions in a Year 5 classroom! The wonderful thing about Science is that it rarely needs a hard-sell or a bribe, it’s genuinely engaging!

In Year 5, your child will learn about the planets and space, forces, reproduction and life cycles, materials and the different properties of those materials.

The four workbooks in this Year 5 Science Workout Pack follow what they will learn throughout Year 5 and provide your child with an opportunity to carefully consider what they have learned in the classroom. They’re essentially a slightly more formal children’s activity book that’s all about Science.

The basic formula of the books is to remind your child about a scientific fact in easy to understand language. For example, one fact could be...

“As the Moon orbits the Earth, it spins so that the same side always faces the Earth.”

The book would then ask them to demonstrate their understanding by labelling or circling pictures, filling in a table or a number of other, similar activities.

It’s the way that these books keep relevant to your child’s own experiences (as well as their learning) that keeps them engaging and fun to use!

If your child has an interest in Science and likes to ask questions about the world around them, we would highly recommend Year 5 Science Workout Pack. They’re especially fun and rewarding for parents to complete when with their child.

Within the Year 5 Science Workout Pack (Ages 9-10) are the following books:

Quantity Title Product Code RRP
1 Year 5 Science Workout - Life Cycles & Reproduction EN1672 £3.95
1 Year 5 Science Workout - Forces & Mechanical Devices EN1673 £3.95
1 Year 5 Science Workout - Properties & Changes Of Materials EN1674 £3.95
1 Year 5 Science Workout - Earth & Space EN1675 £3.95

In buying this carefully selected and specially tailored pack you will save £1.85.