Smile with Siddy Appeal

On Sunday 13th May 2018, TWELVE Exam Ninjas will be running the Bristol 10k for our local charity, Smile with Siddy!

HELP Exam Ninja raise £4,000 towards beating childhood cancer.

Please read our short statement below that details Neuroblastoma, Smile with Siddy and why we're involved. Please donate whatever you can afford to their cause. You can donate safely and securely via our JustGiving fundraising page right here.

What is Neuroblastoma?

Neuroblastoma is a dreadfully aggressive form of childhood cancer. It is often diagnosed very late because it''s easily confused with other childhood illnesses.

Every week, two families in the UK will hear the devastating news that their young child has Neuroblastoma. Most of these children battle on for years but many lose their fight.

Exam Ninja is raising money to support the research of Neuroblastoma and its treatment through a wonderful local charity, "Smile with Siddy".

Wait, what is "Smile with Siddy"...and who is Siddy?!

Sidney (or Siddy as his parents called him) was born on 13th September 2011. Siddy was a normal, happy and very smiley baby boy.

Within 14 months of being born, Siddy was diagnosed with an immensely aggressive form of childhood cancer - Neuroblastoma. Scans showed that he had tumours in his lower abdomen, on his back and in his neck.

The consultants at Bristol Children's Hospital put together a treatment plan and at first everything seemed to be going well. However, around Christmas time his test results showed that the chemotherapy wasn't working. Siddy's tumours were not shrinking as hoped – they continued to grow.

Within days the especially aggressive tumour in his abdomen had grown too large for him to cope and he passed away on 28th January 2013.

Heartbroken and stricken with grief in the hospital's lobby, Siddy's parents decided to set up "Smile with Siddy", a charity that raises money to fund research into the treatment of Neuroblastoma.

Why should I donate?

Put simply, because too many children die of this dreadful disease. It goes without saying that every penny you donate goes directly to the charity.

How can donate?

The easiest and fastest way of donating to Smile with Siddy is by heading over to our dedicated JustGiving fundraising page.

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