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GCSE English Complete Study & Practice

English at GCSE is a especially broad, tricky and tough subject.

Children are expected to master reading by interpreting complex texts. Beyond this they need to identify and use the techniques that professional writers use to influence their readers.

Then there's Shakespeare, 19th century novels like "Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde" as well as poetry. Like we said, English at GCSE is no simple task!

Thankfully, Exam Ninja has the answer with the GCSE English Complete Study & Practice Pack.

Within the pack is a perfectly paired workbook and revision guide. Together these provide an exceptionally useful tool to tackle GCSE English.

The revision guide is a remarkable publication. Printed in full colour, it comprehensively covers every topic. It also makes frequent use of worked examples to demonstrate how to tackle questions. These "DoIt" segments are unique to Scholastic's books.

The workbook (also published by Scholastic) contains hundreds of challenging questions. The questions cover both English Literature and English Language and are of the nature that would appear in a real exam paper. Full answers are provided in the back of the book.

With an enormous variety of questions and superb study tips, no child should be without the Exam Ninja GCSE English pack.

Each GCSE English Complete Study & Practice contains...
1x GCSE English Exam Practice Book (Language and Literature) (Ninja Code: EN1857, RRP £6.95)
1x GCSE English Revision Guide (Language and Literature) (Ninja Code: EN1858, RRP £8.95)

So in buying this carefully selected and specially tailored pack you'll even save £0.95!

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✔ English

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✔ Year 10 (Age 14-15)

✔ Year 11 (Age 15-16)


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