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Year 6 Spelling Words

Year 6 Spelling Words

A free list of Year 6 spelling words, especially useful for children preparing for their KS2 SATs in May.

Year 6 Spelling Words

As part of the national curriculum, when children are in Year 6 they face their KS2 SATs.

One of the papers that they face is a challenging Year 6 spelling test. With 20 tricky words read aloud by their teacher, children need to prepare thoroughly to score well.

Below is our free Year 6 Spelling List, a list of over 1,000 Year 6 spellings to help your child prepare. This list includes the statutory words specified in the national curriculum, common exception words (also known as 'tricky words') and spellings that have been used in past KS2 SATs tests. We've also selected hundreds of words that conform to the national curriculum's spelling rules for extra preparation!

This is easily the most comprehensive Year 6 spellings worksheet available. Within it are an enormous variety of words including nouns, adjectives, adverbs, homophones, homographs and more. All words are inline with the national curriculum's expectations. You can read and use it online or download it as a PDF to print at home.

Our advice is to carefully work through this spelling list throughout Year 6. Try to understand how the words are spelt and try the “look, cover, write and check” strategy to master them.

Year 6 Spellings

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