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Year 1 Spellings

Year 1 Spellings

Year 1 spelling words to help children. Includes common, tricky & exception words. National curriculum friendly.

Year 1 Spelling Worksheets

As part of the national curriculum, Year 1 children will be tested on their spelling of high frequence words and common exception words, sometimes called 'tricky words' or 'red words'.

In a typical national curriculum spelling test, a teacher will read out 10-20 words. They will read the word out and then give an example use of the word within a sentence. Children will then be expected to spell the word correctly on their answer paper.

Below are our free Year 1 Spellings, a spelling list of over 800 words to help your child. This list includes the words specified in the national curriculum, high frequence words, common exception words and hundreds more selected by Exam Ninja.

This is easily the most comprehensive Year 1 Spelling List available. You won't find this list on Twinkl!

Our advice is to carefully work through these Year 1 spellings. Try to understand how the words are spelt and try the “look, cover, write and check” strategy to master them.

Year 1 Spellings

snap kit I’ve chair different thank liked
fastest everyone catch town gran feet Mr
them here luck chill lot shiniest trot
clean buzzing show is even something little
stub when room with off said clapped
me fat birds moat Thursday found pizza
pea there flan it sheep blip tree
boar around cry writing stop spot foil
lots wanted nest ask grew that magic
quicker tent measure swam white saw help
higher right morning us really her couldn’t
rig dog sand head tan wind jogging
looks smiled may free dig goat share
floppy ran work your boots green drink
long lady vet swimming mask tail what
hiss six thing fittest along mint been
hire good bet but spends slow just
whizz cash fair fed skip eighteen dark
gone him posh much fox castle push
three laughed fish eggs see van land
played unfair feed deer hunting Saturday sharp
seven pass use slop grey tell book
we're paid pull near nicest coin great
didn't poked can unlock blink cats ted
damp chum puff snip meet nineteen camp
play if get dress grandad chip make
buzz came buzz mat teeth shouted duck
hutches all come twelve jot sent dancing
Friday Wednesday spoons look hurt unkind tin
threw rest door twitch sleep plop clog
rain sin phone bell swan cried and
year cake back try bonfire dash full
garden box looked night live hottest do
sea cuff wobbliest slit nice moon crawl
boat ill green longer any sketch hard
start still pat bull got vest or
only monkey boo fun rag don't this
think spun so spat need inspire smallest
din stab our better drum gun too
ten first ever spoil narrator ball blot
off hatches rooftop leg give plum span
time toast more fly jazz now why
things stick best shot fetch across pick
real take have bed walking skill jumping
children down small step last dancer in
from carrot phil warmer turn nurse like
fill grab snow very zig girl were
bean there’s most hair lamp snail into
clap slap key away fuss house serve
pan look singer hear imp hotter eat
soon Mrs where pink complete skid prancing
keep looking begging tea magical will bigger
plod top grip twenty slip says place
hush glove she of pet riding fizz
inside paint creep bun claw blew frog
zigzag moan am spit smaller ramp ear
for watch bee lorry trip skipped hit
could we’re oil snug larger slam fire
pushed crib Sunday seven pot jumped hill
smiling mouth coldest risk blow happy stem
today net miss split four unload scruff
chew did rash shock many grin old
sink eight hum bit hot are plus
window thanks animals oink began one cab
his you eleven chin disk clothes tallest
hunt gave want oh wish ears wolf
he end ant send slot beg fear
through fourteen flow flight bad road jig
on wood words people toss stack club
sell way fuzz mum bank boss punishment
sixteen dry dungeon funniest jumper bake eyes
blue active suddenly boil trod huge sniff
crop men planting horse every bat after
shape home because rabbit didn’t crab twirl
let fin fell mill begged itch girl
which spin exciting I'm said fifteen king
i’ll faster fig yesterday peg to round
out than bear my family unhappy stuff
pit limp went less trim told please
obeyed clear fit again skin whiff cat
go spend moon met square foolish sum
throat called shark grandma sat hint love
a test sink flag stuff asked zoo
chunk these slowest that’s clip wire treat
alphabet about they big lord pocket air
friends friend bin drag patted shop might
shed be blob teacher kitchen stag sack
we yes sad took above swim stocks
day stayed seal up plot slug thought
ship chop next dad nine seventeen tie
smile mad some cook hope food had
rocks puzzle then puffin rabbit knew it's
stink burst set mouse other drip hutch
low tusk huff grandest teacher an would
thirteen yellow fantasy spy flop lived new
let’s plan run rock bag he’s undo
of coat fast care star thunder smart
know giant made cot black pant queen
stay water dish has over school shorter
whizz mum pack Tuesday another park burn
rolled the mother once mess door put
hiked hurting drop slab trees swap kid
pond chat short wig flap shout was
who there's stun under shut hopping can’t
stopped boy Monday flat tram call shell
neck how red lost trap must moss
two by rat no staff going as
pig zoo bedroom went never please man
suck five brown its beep kill desk
baby grub say dragon freshest clot writer
sit pulled bus yawn i clock dear
father find win cold their each at
sun well such nicer hat feel climbed
bead before flip dad plants toad coming
dot high not car pin sty jump
biggest dogs gull cutting plug doll fan
river bend mist fry grow bump catches