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Year 4 Spellings

Year 4 Spellings

Year 4 spelling words to help children. Includes common, tricky & exception words. National curriculum friendly.

Year 4 Spelling Worksheets

As part of the national curriculum, Year 4 children will be tested on their spelling of high frequence words and common exception words, sometimes called 'tricky words' or 'red words'.

In a typical national curriculum spelling test, a teacher will read out 10-20 words. They will read the word out and then give an example use of the word within a sentence. Children will then be expected to spell the word correctly on their answer paper.

Below are our free Year 4 Spellings, a spelling list of over 700 words to help your child. This list includes the words specified in the national curriculum, high frequence words, common exception words and hundreds more selected by Exam Ninja.

This is easily the most comprehensive Year 4 Spelling List available. You won't find this list on Twinkl!

Our advice is to carefully work through these Year 4 spellings. Try to understand how the words are spelt and try the “look, cover, write and check” strategy to master them.

Year 4 Spellings

dictionary international possess courteous kettle occasion taping information afford simple opened crying met intercity affection traffic affinity salary precious worship learn explores follow social written trick magic brochure works bicycle antisocial heart running refresh bear stupidity digger plaice purified league shake interrelated today turned folk popular motherhood childishness cliffs hoping national addition any discipline happiness adverb take antiseptic ate tapping leaf light every obvious blast ointment potatoes century gym started centre supper hopping dreaming weight though extension famous mention naughty answer
puff stupid nastiness anti-clockwise yolk kilogram infectious tennis swerves walked subtraction redo question mice reappear cuffs return advance disgusted carried began can’t puffs trainer explore fight notes nice runner know affect remember new knew wives eat grabbing additional surprise told group sensation life opposite grate myth genial shook swimming busy tension autograph consider carries wore cuff crescent guard elves invasion electrician humorous favourite chief kilometre rotten dream found purity shopping recent help government knight chiefs counting super musician enjoyment regular always
does lengthened dragging circle also antique see while educate shelves twice cooks increase imagine note sing therefore admire no surf drags burn appear between hole fatherhood night length confusion slight wrote impatient build drove February hearth sentence brotherhood fruit ambition above forwards notice curve beeping invention arrive funny advent different pillow ornament took swerve separate broke racial craftsmanship mystery affable grow cooked shows rise teach hood curves mathematician kindness affluent alert believe writing both their glorious childhood loveliness outrageous natural done
extreme atomic reign tongue don’t bough affray safe sometimes saves metallic superman Egypt confession purify facial ride superstar fairness fellowship continue advertise purpose pollen do playing seasonal cotton until grabs coming advice knife around number being taught tries early neighbourhood leaves medicine carrying cliff keep certain almost bright apologise cried believes choke quarter chef cloak eight rice swam common specific did cries able breathe exceptional occasionally dice saving traction supersonic enormous possible through whole exploring eighth admission disappear chorus year wear
courageous sea composition tough important irregular often woman experience forward swallow blow scary showing cause beliefs show sensational calf burner aunt pyramid necessary leave dreary were sunny afflict working begged adjacent business admit ability rode deep disgust affirm find possession might artificial science already summer particular save shipping bloke promotion lives stroke membership reaction change actually gave blasting create straight drive knowledge notify unique motion wickedness tear cry we’re caught still friction ordinary earth tricky elastic partnership traditional hear education dropping
stopped livelihood flight explored knives silliness address machine mite meet played can cooking apology dropped sausage rose only horrific document hesitation fitness autobiography spice shoot kept album drag below morning division upon occasional give police preparation blew permission injection tidiness minute height left deepened enough train oak capital anniversary altogether write devotion dictatorship television threw describe before electrocution sang pure noted chalet simplicity creation shelf grammar scene pressure thought discussion partial soak financial accident jealous tremendous wary digging half suddenly irrelevant
official dinner elf swim fright magician history experiment speak great lengthen strength tedious personal dough think alone promise count penny outside getting scheme echo adventure shopped comprehension decide adulthood croak special action haunt showed feeling during irresponsible rhythmic elasticise fought dragged journey serious knighthood guide supermarket decision collision rough feel belief statement sudden apprenticeship autumn pause movement various throw lice impossible admiration medical inside grew breath fascinate interact surfs interest expansion angelic woken actual dear didn’t sisterhood diner tore sniffs delicious
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