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11+ Vocabulary List

11+ Vocabulary List

A free 11+ Vocabulary List for children aged 10-11 prepare for their 11+ Grammar School Entrance Exams.

11+ Vocabulary List

One of the key components of all 11+ entrance exams is vocabulary. Children need to demonstrate a wide range of vocabulary in their writing and verbal reasoning if they want to pass their 11+ tests.

Both GL and CEM expect children to demonstrate a strong vocabulary by using (or showing an understanding of) a wide range of difficult words.

Below is our free 11+ Vocabulary List, an enormous list of over 1,800 11+ words to help your child prepare. This list complies with both GL and CEM exam boards and includes hundreds of challenging words.

This is easily the most comprehensive 11+ vocabulary list available. Within it are a wide range of difficult words to help boost your child's vocabulary. You can read and use it online or download it as a PDF to print at home.

Our advice is to carefully work through these words and ensure children can explain their meaning and craft an example sentence before attempting to use them in practice papers.

Free 11+ Vocabulary List

squalor inane self-effacing reproach contemporary pillage noteworthy languish blissful divulge usurp prophetic scarcity charismatic tyrant transient predilection interrupt subterranean depraved serenity summit picturesque distinguished peripheral erratic duplicity linger predominantly compel stoop confound desperately tormenting pedantic coherent eccentric expedite ornate pessimism derelict subtlety frantic combination onomatopoeia derision infatuate argument imbalance impair inspire bipartisan conciliatory dazzling believe revile union tenacity hierarchy desolate meant implicate ramification modest amply vile injustice combat significant genial hiatus endorse library demolished tractable heeding caution redundant orator gratifying brief vapid resort inferior avoid constraint viable terminate benefit erasable garment intuition nuance heinous shrink sombre subordinate commence stingy worthy melodious intact tangible plunge double intervene pining awkward chortle objection temperate remorse deplore guile deprecate assistance recluse profession askance rebuttal special dormant tirade maladroit composed consume insufferable economical affinity brooding humorous meek college nauseating augmenting repudiate gallant article pugnacious quite infer grandeur heresy dim immutable effusion cacophony community lament broad sublime receptive crucial metaphor suspect choreographer rigid contempt retain symbolism unsurpassed morose release scurrilous suggest joie admission signature quiet renounce chastised vindictive restaurant boastful disparage croak inaugural inert epiphany diminution genealogy arrogance prejudice repent conventional insert superior magnanimous delude tries aesthetic perjury depict querulous opulence parsimony absence biased prodigy harmonious oblivious disintegrate sceptical flamboyant disputatious assemble callous probably bemoan singular machinate condemn grotesque plight vigilant ventilation asunder preposterous successful rescind evaluation elude intangible listlessness rudimentary sage consideration anagram ally
initiate adjacent symbol interested pretence euphoria thrilled glib flimsy habitat medley formidable atrocious forge pitfall bray discredit misspent uncaring sanctimonious artful protagonist impromptu equipment adulation seldom detain amusing sundry quiver indifferent slope furtively instructive because sarcastic inference culpable savoury volatile curious resigned consenting artisan develop individual spurn physical receptacle mollify debilitate obfuscate reactionary autonomous docile despise monotonous stupor genre wretch rogue impede beautiful uniformity assiduous threadbare apprise extinction foe exemplify sanction contest object obdurate distant rigueur oblige stimulating grandiose self-righteous fatuous slang stupidity embroiled plausible insane prudent customary dissipate proverb labour attribute austere ominous dutiful disarray demure ineffable affluent subtropical eclipse disappear burgeon enigma novelty parody residue guarantee antipathy malleable intention omen induce dilapidated devour stoic oscillate tedious fund deploy gorge lure cathartic pathetic gullible agreeable breadth espouse magnetic sympathiser raconteur esoteric sufficient virtuoso ridiculous acute proximity interpret lair pronunciation eclectic debrief doyen resonant vehicle ablest embrace apathy enthusiasm impudent protract subterfuge nullify pomposity average erect incense muted irreproachable hedonist inept tantamount odour pliant discrepancy hinder judicious sermon ordained heroic industrious insinuate chauvinist stance intrinsic integral existence frail unprecedented forbid flawed enterprise unorthodox pretentious taut parliament really dale vain especially jocular resolve galvanize incumbent complacent resilience vapour subservient flourish reel sectarian imitate expunge traitor venerate abundance irreverence amount extraneous diction vast rueful melancholic androgynous hostility inconsequential pernicious stupefy misogynist refuse inequity conscientious commit inattentive unpretentious deluded breach ostentatious determine
despised divine sociable slacken litigation substantiate adopt munificence paradox mitigating assented plagiarise betray antiquity pacifying phalanx latter buttress erroneous conclusion tranquillity contagious category effigy conceivable vilify trite oath reticent estimate complaisant turmoil inopportune vacillate public homophone spontaneity punitive attempt naivete ventriloquist malign indolent raiment perfunctory synecdoche platitude weird tranquil explicit elated perturbed deceive depot omit address equivocate certitude vacant glutton soldier prelude slander zealot candid demote interior foster sanctuary reveal dubious clement ambition dispute precocious eloquence problematic prevalent available terse labyrinth promote melancholy disband ambling doubtful vanguard moderate delineate impudence philosophical femininity haughtiness bereft surmount conclude distinct foremost comical epoch coy derivative strident tenuous feral incline diffident spurious queue constant profit inaccurate levity belittle maximum florid thrust menacing euphonious complicity mediate filly enthralling rank capricious heed intractable intimate era ingenious ruffian drone poultry remnant flee sanctity fulfilled declare fateful enormity egotistical bland demotion tautology dumb neat intercede extended nuisance admirable description mediocre surreptitious entirely lethargic deject expository witty shrewd palindrome suppress frugality restraint austerity meander swallow gracious fatigue imminent lunar boisterous contemptuous jewel leisure profess coercion obtuse emanate malevolent collaborate mnemonic front guard alert system banal vigour apprehensive provocative alleviate squander entire shrine distressing incessant incentive decorum disinterested shoulder exaggerate hoof masculinity flippant grata abomination ambiguous stomach credence brusque gripe flattering present enchant fatal articulate suggestible chicanery homonym rarity verge perish repress loyal dawdle belies euphemism correct mere retiring
concentrated whinging helix embarrass fertile reverence anarchist imperious detached introvert deterrent disdain disturbing absolution diligence unite remnants competition amorphous isolation aloof exemplary impermeable wound halt fact exuberance emphatic enigmatic exalt dose enchanting forsake ethereal concise comforting auspicious altruistic doctrine desecration quarry malady acquire wistful dour hearth holiday pledge extract caricature outrageous profound meddle polarity profusion peril amateur cemetery impel devious verbose abundant braggart habitable feign obsequious custom semantics spendthrift succinct painstaking vicarious eponym altitude fluctuate voyeurism anguish affable arbitrary abate rationale impassive vanished pious oppress veil imperative astute repelled prodigal extrovert cavorting degenerate altercation quench grievance condone irreverent perchance insolent palaeontologist assuage sober insular insightful transcendent alienate intense retort fanaticism completely abrasive government deceit derisive advance fallacious severity acquainted patronising flatulence voyeuristic sporadic introspective fickle disparaging erudite roam abandon lucrative sedentary dismantle acrimonious convey decline tactile influential punctual pragmatic calamity sycophancy perceive potent replete wholly between provisional infamy benign antagonistic bellicose prestige sycophant hoes repugnant malice acquiescence immoral disparity repulsive ultimatum submit ignominy virtuous idiosyncrasy partisan stern anecdote audacious composure unforgiving devote pivotal intricate emphasis perplexed decisive stress morbid lieu cordial simile callow reluctant nobility haste mercurial rowdy abhorrent arid vixen craving bickering meditative parallel destitute programme stanza accuse consistency concur lucid sly accustom empire infamous modus pseudonym ascendancy physiotherapy occur coerce ascetic delightful mariner infiltrate transparent thrive veracity robust cursory cantankerous construe wasteful recite imperceptible plaintiff penchant relegate
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integrity hoard finesse recalcitrant impose confiscate aversion conclusive endeavour wilful expel inhale effervescent discontent acclaim hilarious laconic brawn tyranny secular oxymoron innovation ponderous fraudulent equipped vulgar diluted busk curb superfluous homogeneous exhort incision ponder credibility vitriolic gratuitous spoonerism tomorrow cliché indigent ingrate strut debunk yearning aspiration garbled passive revere derail lodge contented burden limb committee mitigate contend plagiarize hubris panache astounding reside soothing reprove illuminate endure operandi dispassionate distress sophisticated furtive sagacious criterion conscious repentant succumb darn abominable exquisite compile vigorously mute balk loathe baleful conceal nimble poignancy prejudiced interrogate luminous delectable conserve kindle covet measly jovial duress scholastic curate solicit crass torment juxtapose ordeal obligatory sacred comprehend rhetorical twilight ubiquitous gregarious trifling exciting reiterate becoming contract hardy secure kowtow stolid vivacious careering episodic queer lame innate obnoxious domestic optimist heedless misanthrope zestful pleasurable discriminating whining diverse reprehensible temper bruise across detrimental tweak superiority permit reprieve melee profligate nostalgia resonates sleek offend awry loathsome stretched accolade scrutinise eminent grave hypocritical inhabit irascible dishevelled granular forthright ineptitude defame pacifist unkempt obstinate evident communicate taxing petulant exacting apprehension fracas recant ambivalence hoax reap porous impervious intrepid contrived margin evanescent parable impeccable trivial emerge trepidation venerable illusory ratify commemorate corrosive mournful liberty impregnated enrage gauge vindicate indiscriminate annihilated ferocity squabble ransack nonchalant desire scrupulous captivating eulogy obscure diabolical archaic reverent solitude prolific inertia plume meagre lurid yearned satisfying pervasive malicious implicitly suspend
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