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Year 2 Spellings

Year 2 Spellings

A free list of Year 2 spelling words, especially useful for children preparing for their KS1 SATs in May.

Year 2 Spelling Words

As part of the national curriculum, when children are in Year 2 they face their KS1 SATs.

One of the papers that they face is a challenging Year 2 spelling test. With 20 tricky words read aloud by their teacher, children need to prepare thoroughly to score well.

Below is our free Year 2 Spelling List, a list of over 700 Year 2 spellings to help your child prepare. This list includes the statutory words specified in the national curriculum, common exception words (also known as 'tricky words') and spellings that have been used in past KS1 SATs tests. We've also selected hundreds of words that conform to the national curriculum's spelling rules for extra preparation!

This is easily the most comprehensive Year 2 spellings worksheet available. Within it are an enormous variety of words including nouns, adjectives, adverbs, homophones, homographs and more. All words are inline with the national curriculum's expectations. You can read and use it online or download it as a PDF to print at home.

Our advice is to carefully work through this spelling list throughout Year 2. Try to understand how the words are spelt and try the “look, cover, write and check” strategy to master them.

Year 2 Spellings

both Friday Christmas yes thirteen fast
gnat blast hot fish liked thinner
mice by prize chair can't trend
fatter glue change huge why floor
next wrap here fire eye though
bone funny give age write felt
winch sketch puppy nineteen dropping dust
its being teacher has nose code
fur crust town bare bigger granny
mouse ran during worth wrong babies
something road blush travel am flying
us soil frog birthday without fame
seventeen January bunch opened red class
clay drink quantity lime king day
Monday must today many feather bench
hand pair fresh nicer slow charge
food gem skipping her thing cried
parents path buy reach shouted sugar
hold talk pitch still we're sauce
couldn't treasure warm stop friends television
May worm butter bite girl bus
never father button metal everybody valley
only December village saddest ball bear
cost gleam seen break witch blew
plants Thursday when dinner clown doctor
frown tape Winter new water redder
hospital section sadder temper air bridge
speed table paper replies end mate
late bath morning penny rain tree
Summer lots fancy cross wanted eyes
want Autumn chunk flour find birds
box it's dress small pretend bottle
slide young clothes street cold written
ladder cramp prop tour wrote word
April flies before please jar thumb
duck flame round once gold blue
rubber print friend hummed Wind spent
would station cough Wednesday which through
blunt face September narrator pretty some
wand won't Daddy eggs cry music
glove dog cheese pole ride wobble
really kitten there's slept floss feet
fern coming old mitten well cell
sat stand brother where lived twenty
pencil come reply jog shiny began
zip try under improve I'll move
supper their chimney star watch suddenly
made see read say frame follow
teddy July crisp machine ice run
tea copier buoy bull badge nicest
patted finger horse sun might now
secret adjust middle measure giraffe need
square bring whole voice rabbit stopping
present fifteen they're poppy baby tell
sound river fun money fourteen soap
replied fox kick school rocket February
coin thousand than together slime prank
brought ever white roll most squash
March bad be queen place think
he's monkey wild along fiction walk
o'clock towards behind Tuesday found been
fossil sneeze again that's two should
spend Saturday door car started stick
humming came hiking case half motor
trick kind August away gone could
wheel garden any robber steam shout
little jumper pram motion jacket wander
note clump bed closed better let's
hour top spell hundred winner smash
fudge pinch while or chess stiff
tap used tinsel another glasses wind
happier good gran camel son green
brush nostril fetch towel looking man
stopped rose world fly knight always
stream tray called June animals turned
months dropped twelve way to strip
miss strap show fizz noise biggest
stay drill pedal coffee who sister
how does track hair call because
stuff other past hat letter use
grandad gave mother thought heard sunny
copied kipper cage full pass plump
best around sleep took three shirt
dry fist race between went fell
clue crunch days knee dark squirrel
going prove grass keep beach happy
even shower energy book slid ditch
things runner people happiest teeth apple
banana kite did boil donkey pray
home giant rich floppy hear bike
laughed match toss looks punch boy
let bulge eat snow earth didn't
boat chimp brain steak pile sheep
shark tiger eighteen mind child night
dig screw glum crash cat like
bless join key Mr Easter hard
sure draw dragon national shock busy
your phone more dinosaur too glint
park each runny tame poor fluff
told inside string egg sixteen field
pulled bird tries ear there bee
room I've wish stamp hiked Sunday
October gnaw story hiker glare tunnel
much take beautiful catch over jumped
drench work glad copies last after
spill high computer right flower one
window know live pack what war
hamper magic sleeve knock our grow
trees crown until quite edge bread
plant everyone great long circus all
were glass quiet soon city gloss
black Mrs different piece capital blend
animal won shop every head climb
children very may patting dodge orange
ready nothing these first said sea
usual across carries lunch eleven play
slipper Spring sweet November back brand