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Year 5 Spellings

Year 5 Spellings

Year 5 spelling words to help children. Includes common, tricky & exception words. National curriculum friendly.

Year 5 Spelling Worksheets

As part of the national curriculum, Year 5 children will be tested on their spelling of high frequence words and common exception words, sometimes called 'tricky words' or 'red words'.

In a typical national curriculum spelling test, a teacher will read out 10-20 words. They will read the word out and then give an example use of the word within a sentence. Children will then be expected to spell the word correctly on their answer paper.

Below are our free Year 5 Spellings, a spelling list of over 700 words to help your child. This list includes the words specified in the national curriculum, high frequence words, common exception words and hundreds more selected by Exam Ninja.

This is easily the most comprehensive Year 5 Spelling List available. You won't find this list on Twinkl!

Our advice is to carefully work through these Year 5 spellings. Try to understand how the words are spelt and try the “look, cover, write and check” strategy to master them.

Year 5 Spellings

diction galas cover original ancient forcible compromise partial fearful cellos marvellous reduction education yield hesitancy sincerely careful replying half tomatoes incident comprehension dangerous cautious skis operate horribly devotion tolerant especially extra license their plane cyclist pizzas isle infectious poisonous antenna considerable volcanoes morning seen physics difference sum cyanide fiestas muscle independence thought description cell doctor machine widening shoulder mangoes woman physician prophet fierce borough interrupt malicious patient decency changeable calf draught dessert beach discover pass quarrel sacrifice noticeable opportunity reply delighted sincere harass knives understandable decide
imbalance guilty quiet cynical gnus consideration critic cuckoos necessary criticise queue confidential dependable fought sofas plain rhythm bruise circumstance prepare passenger complement allying medieval aisle colour circus thief observance definite missionary further mischief sent ambitious determined professional visibly discipline electric tolerably pity cargoes shriek reign soldier reference cent emptier supplied thankful height disastrous stationary companion carried torpedoes animal existence citizen obeyed bravery accident foundation bough generally promotion flattery cabbage happier alliance innocent communicate lightening brief machinist referring demonstration environment descent magician mourning lottery frequent pianos wrought
cellophane delicious cynic doubt blue carriage deafening messenger recommend equipped heroism offering plenty variation immediately substance Scottish road thank arithmetic proportion selves carrier philanthropy perceive formal buffaloes pumas symbol prejudice variable circuit take vehicle supplier literate gurus quay abdominal centipede hero device teeth sew armour armadillos lie echoes persuade hopeful wolf happiness optician tail peace farther possibly actor disgrace disinterest terrible predict nought trial balance prove frequently circumference pheasant essential lotion fictitious cinnamon vain cypress nutritious explanation buy father publication observant dominoes sought fried guest discovered
you island medic assist certain anacondas yew pain stare celebrity controversy receipt heaviest embarrass public excellent carrying neighbour assistance proceed replicate rain electrical revolution assistant protein approved tolerance prettily mistaken piece cinema transferred expectant system compliment hesitation yacht plough umbrellas corgis programme risottos interfere explanatory considerably though exaggerate circulation cement honour cooperation receive sell suspicious phantom extension kangaroos guessed passed bananas plentiful packet butcher effect knife twelfth family hope calve saunas position precious adoration empty child expectation banjos individual hour petition heroes artificial beautiful carry cough
smuggler stomach principal hesitant wolves comfortable government antennae stationery foreign some dough practice transference circumnavigate medication self blew enjoyable cellar oppression property literacy preference interested Italy bridal frightening temperature through discos obedient medical memorable sun forty steel preferring guarantee pretty imprisoned fear heavy dictionary devise tremble supply light circular medicine recite carpet general decent supplicant celebrate tolerable fraction knight grief lacy goose secretary mouth key session areas bargain sow competition friend separate transfusion prophecy field chief preferred referral brought steal collision boundary develop disobedient ewe weird
nation substantial doubtful cyst assent tale serial beech vicious igloos licence principle heroic decimal discussion mouthful heavier category altar grieves action confident ally reliable try independent pour deer emptiness wary niece tried weight ceiling phoney patios led unbalanced discovery familiar vein disapprove direction package deceive equip transferring board enough equipment cereal grate replica sufficient dear boastful pharmacy opposition mouse halves heavily childhood privilege constitution pane taboos replied Wednesday chapattis machinery neither nuisance dissent harm identity referred disobey Spain herd prettier confidence favour civil cameras confusion cyclone
sensibly tooth toleration obey leisure voluntary profit explosion parliament ought desert trying thorough centre profession emus pronunciation occupy interest flour decision scent prettiest immediate distribution geese happily prophesy harmful physical decisive politician recognise solemn passage notion mischievous definitely curiosity lightning women adorable hindrance freedom precede language children different draft balancing allied rode flavour pack rough conscious adorably community happiest imprisonment restaurant mice preposterous pierce innocence stair electrician incidental emptied company observation intuition mission who’s committee photograph ugliest impatient happy official act phenomena varying signature thistle desperate
whose mercy shield referee rumour rein pier conscience contribution generous sensible occur thieves night bridle beauty phew emptiest scene mistake passion rhyme applicably boast relevant heir great two lead past heaven emotion special incredible miserable percussion hare possible obedience fiction ascent variety replication legible kiwis review tough suggest bored easily correspond pitiful son visible electrically lamb too Germany heard alter packed hospital primary equator factors conceive heaviness rowed horrible frequency pollution varied cooperative fiery illiterate possession radios convenience literature either vary hair cylinder made weary vegetable