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Revision Guides, Workbooks & Practice Papers at Exam Ninja!

Hello and welcome to Exam Ninja! We sell revision guides, study books, workbooks and practice papers for children of all ages.

Exam Ninja sells Revision Guides, Workbooks & Practice Papers to help your children excel.

We exist for only one reason : To help your children do the best they possibly can in their exams.

Exams (like ninjas) are pretty scary things and so whether it’s their Key Stage 1, Key Stage 2 or Key Stage 3 SATs tests, Phonics Screening Test, 11+ exams or GCSEs, we at Exam Ninja want to help. We want your children to approach their exams confidently and positively and view them as an opportunity to show someone just how special they are.

As a slightly quirky independent shop, we carefully select only the very best revision materials to help ensure your children feel as prepared as possible for their exams. We work with some of the most experienced educational book publishers including CGP, Collins, Scholastic and Letts to select only the very best revision books, study guides and practice papers.

Many of our products have detailed and honest customer reviews and the ability look inside before purchasing. We also run a blog and email newsletter that talks about exams, revision and how to get the most out of them.

So when your children walk into an exam, make sure they feel confident, positive and ready. Make sure they’ve had help from Exam Ninja!