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Revision Guides, Workbooks & Practice Papers

Exam Ninja is the UK's leading independent seller of revision guides, workbooks and practice papers for children. We sell over 20,000 books to help your child alongside their classroom studies, from pre-school all the way up to when they're taking their GCSEs. Our maths and English resources are designed by past teachers and examiners so they're absolutely perfect for helping children through their studies.

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Learning At Home

Learning at home can be difficult and stressful for both children and their parents. It's easy to get lost with the number of subjects and topics and there's plenty of distractions at home. If you want your child to excel at their studies, they're going to need some extra support.

Workbooks & Practice Papers

If you want to simply practise some maths, handwriting or phonics, buying workbooks and study guides is a fast and affordable way of giving them the right practice material in a colourful and engaging way.

Of course you might instead be preparing for an all-important test like the phonics screening check, 11+ exams, KS2 SATs or GCSEs. In which case, our extensive range of practice papers and tests will have everything your child needs to succeed.

We sell over 20,000 different maths books, handwriting books, revision guides, practice tests and more for children of all ages! We don't just sell English and maths, we also sell books in coding, computer science, verbal reasoning, geography and even murder mysteries!

Our revision guides, workbooks and practice papers explain everything children need to know, all in-line with the latest national curriculum. With Exam Ninja's books, children can feel more confident in their studies and in their exams.

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Study & Workbook Packs

Exam Ninja's carefully compiled Study & Workbook Packs show children and parents exactly what they need to know (and crucially how they need to do it). Carefully selected by educational experts, our Study & Workbook Packs break down complex topics into bite-sized chunks.

Our packs cover everything from grammar to coding, all fully in-line with the latest national curriculum.

For pupils preparing for their exams, we also sell thousands of different GCSE Revision Books as well as 11 plus practice papers, KS1 SATs practice papers and KS2 SATs practice papers.

Exam Ninja's books have already helped thousands of children across the globe become more confident and capable at their studies.

Learning Books

If you're looking for books you can use with your children at home, that are completely aligned with the national curriculum, Exam Ninja is for you. We've got everything covered - English, maths, science, geography, history, languages and more! You name it, we have it. Our online store makes buying children's educational books easier than ever - just choose what books(s) you want and add them to your basket! Your books will be with you within 2-3 days of ordering, which means less time spent shopping around and more time studying!