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Year 3 Spellings

Year 3 Spellings

Year 3 spelling words to help children. Includes common, tricky & exception words. National curriculum friendly.

Year 3 Spelling Worksheets

As part of the national curriculum, Year 3 children will be tested on their spelling of high frequence words and common exception words, sometimes called 'tricky words' or 'red words'.

In a typical national curriculum spelling test, a teacher will read out 10-20 words. They will read the word out and then give an example use of the word within a sentence. Children will then be expected to spell the word correctly on their answer paper.

Below are our free Year 3 Spellings, a spelling list of over 700 words to help your child. This list includes the words specified in the national curriculum, high frequence words, common exception words and hundreds more selected by Exam Ninja.

This is easily the most comprehensive Year 3 Spelling List available. You won't find this list on Twinkl!

Our advice is to carefully work through these Year 3 spellings. Try to understand how the words are spelt and try the “look, cover, write and check” strategy to master them.

Year 3 Spellings

rhino grate measure table lifeless limitation cackle peace sleep excursion careless perhaps history answer promise breakable rhyme actually mist please smoke forget though shut paint turn ninth nicest who's ball heart who know wheat count remember girls' cherry forgetful spelling woman fear forgetting disagree lucky nowhere boys' silly bony make gnat circle arguable world case anyone displease nozzle fiddle became imagine address gnash soft unpopular disobey minute seen fare clear wife restful throw kneel double busy fatter word vegetable lesson watery bible bury
fat eventually precede untidy plumber exterior fifth limited clean try plane plain often stone touchable image gnaw obstacle fuss forwards thumb reliable luckier prefer grown card himself rumple continue beautiful debt prefix fair vein stem exchange misspell premier describe exile preview unusual unlucky difficult storm icicle least flower pair middle nature recycle cycle island dimple unless subdivide riper here longer children's accept first thinner candle bone explode trouble adventure knee really originally water lead beginner shopping close closest shoe tall safe later apple
material butterfly puddle leading pass sound burn cheek jobless consider third fatty enclosure any handle death wreck ripple guide humbly giggle submerge land sillier glass tallest exercise chuckle grew aren't reform thinnest toggle cheeky preferred run external especially crumple ripe won't heal gnu subheading caught draw famous favourite seventh readable great wrapper bundle missed happy article enjoyable refill needle basket grumble painful rewrite south probable saying replace beginning successful bedroom big pens finally prepare misbehave able crispy fit disinfect girl's begun bomb mail
puppies hopping smelly guzzle star trying weight affect kindly length weigh special say everybody through height weather experience thought build help fearless sample honest nothing driving unseen misfire wrong hadn't began villager see begin helpful exit decide wrinkle jump arrive example unpick knit whole Londoner babies' weren't increase prickle knock early experiment whale cost basically he'll round ready luckiest many below happily misfortune baby young cubicle horrible staring stood wobble rich raising uncle something when ripest comically take doing country preface treasure cable
bicycle class gnome reading knowledge amazing hop possible medicine long smiling earth heard bawl dislodge expel creature smoky reign notice grammar mention fable runner miscount coming endless town avoidable usually thank write richest leaf kiss displays boy's just break not limiting responsible dumb anybody wishful crumb pull believe heel smell bigger crisp haze son strength rebuild display nicer fix runs disown accidentally queen enough misunderstand little without brake extend downstairs making teenager hopeful tickle scene improbable dramatically rein eight ample homeless knob nice
obey meeting interest islander important driver knuckle monkeys you're hurt enjoy quickest timeless wheel tomb shutting fairy temple forgotten sadly inactive return thoughtless frantically quickly puppy different touch mile walk everyone today effect stare centre numb friendly completely laze thankless rain recede business o'clock eighth schools simply fattest retreat export men's sixth poodle tenth noodle anywhere hoping potatoes donkey outside firm kneed second farmer elephant hear women kettle premium moth fourth seeing unhappy misread lazy running air pulling predict certain behind awake illegal
bunch bubble whether recall walking closely tried drinkable illegible curl east neck piece why pickle place gently closer inside fail regular simple everything fresh taking deciding party taller haven't lamb teacher you'll they purpose unreliable belong hate wrist richer actual main century voyager likely babies misplace shop fruit enjoying meet berry disappoint meal disqualify mistake personally miracle although flies silliest thin groan hazy north disappear street group male stony knew mice's garden cattle cuddle recent pimple picture fussy resentful stable library anything previous
jumping pen incorrect while donkeys even happiest meat calendar mother reader which itself saddle neighbour terrible particle appear fly monkey school nobody smile quick herself point come mislead learn plumb wide mouse fitting dislike you've somebody unable along couldn't breathe mix misty push helping happier except angrily breath somewhere drive February forward gardening sinkable mane myself unwell muddle bottle knot chemist upstairs furniture lie gardener extreme start submarine amaze wriggle sensible pleasure raise properly market guard nobly someone grand another dutiful whose hope