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11 Plus

At Exam Ninja, We sell hundreds of challenging 11+ books to help your children get into an amazing grammar school.

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"The 11+" is the broad name given to a set of challenging entrance tests that children take to get into a grammar school. These tests are typically taken at the beginning of Year 5, when children are aged between 9 and 10 years-old.

If you live near one of the few remaining grammar schools in the UK, you should definitely apply!

Grammar schools are secondary schools in England known for their high standards of academic education. To get into a grammar school, your child needs to pass their 11+ tests.

11+ tests can be set by CEM, GL Assessment and several other exam boards. They can be in Maths, Verbal Reasoning, Non-Verbal Reasoning, English Reading and numerous other subjects. Different schools have different assessment strategies so it's very important to check your grammar school's admissions policy.

If your little Ninja needs some assistance to pass their 11+ exams then buy some of our outstanding 11+ books!

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