GCSE Maths Revision Guide (Higher Level)


GCSE Maths Revision Guide (Higher Level)

If you're finding GCSE Maths a bit of struggle (with a predicted grade of D or below), this clear and simple Revision Guide will really help you get to grips with the basics. It's suitable for all GCSE exam boards, and everything's explained in plain, straightforward English, with tons of worked examples and tips to help you pick up marks in the exams.

There's also a revision test at the end of each section to help make sure you've mastered the important stuff – if you're looking for more practice questions, have a look at the matching Workbook.

Details of GCSE Maths Revision Guide (Higher Level)
Publisher CGP
ISBN 10 1841465364
ISBN 13 9781841465364

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Judith Partington(26/04/2014)


Who did you buy the GCSE Maths Revision Guide (Higher Level) for and why?
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Claudia Allen(05/03/2012)


Excellent purchase. Ideal for the IB course in grade 9 moving into grade 10 for the student who puts the effort in.

Alison Mann(19/12/2011)


This was just the ticket for my son in Year 10 studying for his GCSE. Its full of the right revision info and what we liked about it was the little bits of quirky humour added at the bottom or top of the page which is relevant to the study but 'lightens' too. Revising is tough and this book really helped him along. Good stuff.

Deborah Dower(16/09/2011)


CHOCLATE SPONGE CAKEI ORDERED A PAIR OF MITTENS AND THIS AND A PACKET OF TEDDY BEARS CAME THROUGH THE LETTER BOX But overall it was SARLRIGHT Seriously Now, It was ultimately the best book ever the makers of this need to give themselves a pat on the back

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