Reading Booster Pack (Age 5-7)


Reading Booster Pack (Age 5-7)

Remember reading comprehension tests at school? Those evil tests that probed your understanding of a paragraph of text and punished you for not bothering to read it properly? Well here's something to banish those fears for children aged between 6 and 8, something truly awesome.

Introducing the Exam Ninja Reading Booster Pack for ages 5-7, three intense books that together provide perfect preparation for your child in either their KS1 SATs Reading test or indeed any reading comprehension assessment.

The pack is aimed at children aged between 5 and 8 (Years 1-3 inclusive) and as they progress through the books, the texts get steadily longer and more complicated.

The questions shift from simple fact retrieval to more complex inference. Some of the assessments are fiction based and some are non-fiction as well as more factual based texts and even poetry.

The workbooks are easy to use and have dedicated answer and marking areas (just like the real tests). Altogether there are 36 texts, each with their respective questions on the opposite page.

The included teacher's guide contains not just the answers but a complete review of the text as well as suggesting further speaking, listening and writing activities to assist your child's learning.

The Reading Booster Pack is one of our most popular items and it2's the perfect tool to enable your child to mastering reading comprehension!

* Please note that this book (or pack of books) is fully updated to the new curriculum that began in 2014 (for Years 1-5 and 7-9) and 2015 for Year 6.

Each Reading Booster Pack (Age 5-7) contains...
1x First Comprehension Workbook 1 (Ninja Code: EN1547, RRP £3.50)
1x First Comprehension Workbook 2 (Ninja Code: EN1548, RRP £3.50)
1x First Comprehension Teacher's Guide (Ninja Code: EN1549, RRP £10.00)

So in buying this carefully selected and specially tailored pack you'll even save £1.05!

Reviews (2)

I. Bailey(14/12/2017)


A good range of texts, genres and differentiation between the books.

T. Nugod(23/02/2017)


Wonderful books with many different fiction and non-fiction texts, however, I find book one too easy for Key Stage 1.

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