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GL Assessment 11+ Practice Papers (Pack 1)

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GL Assessment 11+ Practice Papers (Pack 1)

Four full sets of practice 11+ tests in English, Maths, Verbal Reasoning and Non-Verbal Reasoning. It's exactly what your child needs if they're taking the 11+ entry test.

Grammar schools often have all the benefits of an independent school without the fees. If your child stands any chance of getting into a Grammar school - go for it!

The problem is, getting into a Grammar School has never been harder. With only 163 spread across the country, competition is very high.

At Exam Ninja we want to help your child secure that all important Grammar School place.

With our GL Assessment 11+ Practice Papers Pack, your child can practise with exactly the right questions. They're just like the real thing!

Every test is as challenging as the last and they provide invaluable practice. The multiple-choice questions and answer sheets are just like those in the real tests.

Parents, there's no need to be scared - the answers are included in separate booklets!

So don't take any chances, help your child secure success in the 11+ with this fantastic 11+ pack.

Within the GL Assessment 11+ Practice Papers (Pack 1) are the following books:

Quantity Title Product Code RRP
1 GL Assessment 11+ Verbal Reasoning Practice Papers (Multiple Choice) EN1400 £9.95
1 GL Assessment 11+ Non-Verbal Reasoning Practice Papers (Multiple Choice) EN1407 £9.95
1 GL Assessment 11+ Maths Practice Papers (Multiple Choice) EN1414 £9.95
1 GL Assessment 11+ English Practice Papers (Multiple Choice) EN1417 £9.95

In buying this carefully selected and specially tailored pack you will save £4.85.