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Preschool Books

Buy our pre-school books to help your child practice basic English and Maths.

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Throughout Nursery (as a part of the EYFS) children are encouraged to 'try' maths to help them build basic numerical skills.

By counting physical objects, spotting the number of differences between two pictures, counting ingredients etc, children begin to understand the concept of numbers and how they can be useful.

Children should be able to identify basic numbers and be encouraged to write them themselves. They should be encouraged into identifying basic geometric shapes like a circle, square or a triangle and spot that some shapes or numbers are bigger or smaller than others.

By providing plenty of opportunities to explore maths, parents can help build a basic confidence with numbers and a firm foundation for future learning.

In literacy, children are encouraged to listen and understand the stories they are told. They shouldn't be tested but instead be encouraged into thinking beyond the pictures.

Do they remember the main characters or the storyline? Is it a pretend story or a real story? What do they think could happen next? These questions all help engage children and (as with maths) help build a positive learning environment.

Buy some of our pre-school workbooks to help build that positive learning environment at home.

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