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A Christmas Carol Study & Practice Pack

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A Christmas Carol Study & Practice Pack

Help your child score top marks in their GCSE English Literature exams with this helpful A Christmas Carol Study & Practice Pack.

A Christmas Carol is a novel by Charles Dickens that tells a story of wealth and injustice, centred around the miserly Ebenezer Scrooge.

For many pupils, answering questions on A Christmas Carol will form a critical part of their GCSE English literature exams.

By using this pack, your child can master their understanding of this complicated book and write stunning answers to score top marks.

The included Text Guide works through the novel step-by-step. It includes plenty of clear notes about the novel’s context, plot, characters and themes. It also helps children understand the author’s writing techniques for some of the more complicated exam questions together with plenty of useful exam advice.

By reading the Text Guide, children will possess an enviable understanding of the novel. It offers pupils an enormous advantage over those that only have the basic book.

The Workbook follows on from the Text Guide by providing plenty of exam questions. These challenging questions are superb for preparing children for their GCSEs. Full example answers are included to all the questions at the back of the book.

With such useful notes and plenty of practice questions, this A Christmas Carol Study & Practice Pack will help your child achieve top marks in their GCSE English Literature exams.

Within the A Christmas Carol Study & Practice Pack are the following books:

Quantity Title Product Code RRP
1 A Christmas Carol (Text Guide) EN1859 £5.95
1 A Christmas Carol (Workbook) EN1868 £5.95

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