GL Assessment 11+ Maths 10-Minute Tests (Age 10-11)


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This CGP book is perfect for providing children with realistic 11+ Maths preparation in bite-sized chunks. It contains more than thirty 10-Minute Tests, each covering a mixture of topics and skills - with step-by-step answers included in a pull-out booklet. There are also fun puzzle pages throughout to challenge children's Maths skills in a more relaxed style, plus a progress chart at the back. This book is ideal for the 11+ tests set by GL Assessment and other test providers, and provides excellent practice for the Kent Test. A separate edition for the CEM (Durham University) 11+ Test is also available.

Please note that this product is normally only sold as part of our pack GL Assessment 11+ 10-Minute Tests Pack (Age 10-11). Whilst we are happy to sell this item to you, it may not include full answers (or indeed the full questions) and would be more suitable and useful as part of our pack.

GL Assessment 11+ Maths 10-Minute Tests (Age 10-11)
Product Code EN1707
Publisher CGP
ISBN 10 1782942564
ISBN 13 9781782942566

Reviews (21)



Excellent 10 minute tests to challenge children's skills and help them prepare for their 11+ test. Everything is well laid out, presented nicely so that the book is easy to use and there are nice 'fun' puzzle challenges to break up the testing. I really like the way detailed answers are provided as I have had books in the past whose answers have had to be purchased separately.



This is yet another excellent publication from CGP. A fairly small book that would fit easy in a school case - it is never the less packed with 31 tests and 6 puzzles. I like the puzzles good idea as they are more games than tests so that everyone parent, teacher and young person can have a little break. The hope is that the actual tests are to be done in done in 10 minutes. Also included (and I needed this) is a detachable answer sheet. Plus a neat progress chart to be found on the back cover. As always with CGP very impressed.



I am a teaching assistant in a primary school and have a child in year three. I have taken a number of these books to review so sorry if all the reviews are very similar as I am copying and pasting big chunks where relevant. Remember never write in the book! photocopy and reuse is the name of the game (or scan/print) as your child may need to go back over and have another go. This book is not a study book (those are sold separately), it is the test practice (with a few educational games in between) although you go get an answer guide in the back which explains what you should be doing...for a TA/ISA/Tutor this is enough detail for your to bring to the front of your mind they way you need to do specific tasks if you forget. For a parent I think that it depends on how long it is since you were at school! But It does make sense if Junior has said at school they kinda do it like this but they're not sure of the whole thing because Thingy was doing something silly and they missed the end.



This is a collection of really useful tests - not too long or painful, giving a variety of topics and with explanations in a separate, pull-out section. The fun puzzle pages provide a more relaxed way to look at maths. We're having fun with these, and I'm sure that two or three tests a week would provide a real boost to any child's maths ability.



This book contains over 30 tests. Each test contains approximately 10 questions. A wide variety of math skills are tested here. It is an ideal book for kids approaching eleven plus exams. The tests can be slotted in during a quiet 10 minutes on the road or at home. And the answer booklet is excellent - all answers are explained. I hope my son can use the examples to his examples when the 11 plus exams roll around this autumn.



My children are a good few years away from 11+ but I thought it would be good to get on-top of the process and requirements myself so that I can better support them, hence why I ordered this book. What I found was pretty much what I expected - that I probably wouldn't pass the 11+ at 37! The bite-sized nature of theses example tests made it quite fun to do - I found myself up late last night doing 'just one more' 10 minute test in much the same way as I'd play 'just one more game of Tetris'. The book is very nicely laid out, with a separate pull-out answer book with clear rationale behind each answer. I found this book very helpful, since it has given me a hands-on idea of what to expect from the 11+ and has flagged to me some skills that I personally need to improve on if I am to properly support my children through this process. Also, looking at the questions, I can see that the 11+ really has very little to do with intelligence or potential and everything to do with practising for what is really a paper-based game. I am confident that that the thickest of people could be getting 100% on these tests if they practised them enough,



This is a small, sturdier publication than the majority of CGP books and comprises 31 tests and 6 puzzles. The puzzles themselves are like maths-in-a-game, so kids can have a break in between tests, yet they're learning something quite fascinating at the same time, e.g. you know the rule to work out if a number is divisible by 3? Well, there's a similar one for numbers that are divisible by 11. Maths is also done via word searches and crossword clues, so it's a nice break, but with the brain still working. These are apparently designed to allow kids to practise the same skills that they'll use in tests, but in a different and fun way. A bit 'thinking outside the box'. The actual tests are designed to be done in 10 minutes and they are quite challenging, as they're aimed at very able kids who are aiming to do the GL tests, but they're not in line with CEM tests (though there are separate booklets for those). The blurb states that each test is a bite-size version of a full-length 11+ test, and that kids should aim to get 8 out of 10 questions right. There's a full detachable answer section and there's a progress chart in the back cover. The advice given is that if kids score less than 8, they need to focus on those areas in which they've not done so well (obvious), and if they've not managed to finish the test in 10 minutes, they should work on their speed, but if they've made a lot of mistakes, they need to work more carefully. It's worth noting that unlike in the CGP work booklets, there are no worked examples given before kids get started, so this is purely testing - however, with answers and how these answers were achieved in the booklet. A great tool, even if your child isn't going in for 11+ exams. Recommended.



Love these books to get kids used to working to a time limit



A really well laid out and clear booklet for practising for the 11+ test. There are 30 tests broken up by maths puzzle pages for a little bit of light relief. There is a detachable answer booklet in the back which explains the answers in full. There is plenty of space for your working and there are a range of question type all pitched at 11+ level to give pupils, and those helping them, a clear idea of what level of challenge to expect in the test. An essential resource for anyone preparing for this test, well written in my opinion and pitched just right. Recommended.



This 10mins maths book is great as it means I can give my son short work lessons that is more manageable. As he gets used to it I will give him two 10mins to do. It contains answers with short explanation.



Just like with the verbal reasoning version of this book, which we have also tried and recently reviewed, this 10 minutes test 11+ preparation book is great and a really useful tool to help kids feel confident in taking the test. There are plenty of questions and tests within the book, covering a variety of the maths topics and at a challenging enough standard to prepare them for the real tests. The questions are all clearly set out and just right for this level. It's a great book, as always from CGP. I find them very reliable every time!



This is a series of short tests to give children practice for maths papers. My daughter isn't taking an 11+ but she is 10 and will be doing her stats next year. This book provides a large number of short tests with a comprehensive answer book so we can work through some maths problems together in short sharp bursts. There are 30 or so tests and we have done the first one, which she described as fun. The problems are well thought through and I can see already that they will address the items suggested for extra work in her school report. The fact that she found it fun, and it is in a short burst shows quality and inspiration and that is why it is 5 stars. Recommended.



Excellent tests. Help prepare for 11 +. quick bite size chunks in 10 mins.



Great revision book for children getting read to take the 11+ or even just as a general test book coming up to the KS2 SATs. There are no 'easy' problems in this book - in my opinion anyway! - the tests are definitely challenging and would be great for children who are comfortable with year 5/6 maths.



My son loves doing these little maths quizzes, simply because they're short and enable him to practise his maths in minutes. The tests are 10 questions long, and going over any wrong answers is easy because of the included answer book. Any weak areas are easily identified and worked on. There are also some occasional puzzles, which are maths-related, that helpfully break up the monotony of doing maths questions and which my son looks forwards to. Would recommend.



Each of the 31 ten-minute tests in this book covers three pages and contains ten questions (so, on average, one question needs to be answered every minute, if my maths is right!). The questions take me back to my sitting of school entrance exams many years ago. Apart from the odd reference to a Compact Disc, or some other new-fangled invention, nothing much has changed in the style of questioning. These rapid tests will be excellent preparation for any child preparing for the 11+ exam. They will, of course, also need to learn how to concentrate for longer spells, but the bite-size nature of these tests will make them easy to fit in around a busy home routine. Pedantic observation: although the authors may be good at maths, their physics is a little lacking: question 3 of test 28 shows a picture of a food on some spring weighing scales, with the question "what is the mass of the pumpkin?"; as any physicist will know, while a beam balance can tell you mass, a spring gauge can only indicate weight.



Aimed at a child about to sit their 11 plus entrance exam, usually in the summer of year 5 primary school. Contains 31 tests each with 10 questions, each test should take 10 minutes. Each test is a bite sized version of a full length 11 + test. Each test is designed to cover a good range of the questions styles and topics that your child could come accross in thjeior 11+ test, at the same difficulty level. Your child should aim to score at least 8 out of 10 in each 10 minute test. use the progress chart at the back of the book Score 0-5 go back to basics and work on your question technique Score 6-8 You're nearly there, go back over the questions you found tricky Score 9-10 You're a maths star The pull out answer booklet has brief explanations to each asnwer. Every 5 tests there is a puzzle page, an alternative from test style questions. Example questions; What is 2786621 rounded to the nearest thousand? Circle the best estimate for the size of angle x from the options below. How many kilograms of apples did they collect between them? What number should go in the square 37 + ? = 121 What is 15% of 1/3 of 240? Use the graph to estimate the populations of Balonia in 1910. Circle the expression which is not equivalent to the others. Please note there are no claims as to which style 11 plus criteria these tests meet, so a good start if you do not know what test is being sat at your chosen school. Dated 2015



Excellent books to get children thinking in the right way for the 11+. Working to a time limit makes it far more realistic. Recommended.



This is a great maths prep book for 11+. It consists of 31 ten-minute tests and 6 puzzle pages. It contains a good range of questions in each test and the answer book includes explanations. This series is so much better than the Bond papers. Thoroughly recommended!



The first time I've encountered these great little books was when I came across the Bond range of tests. These are very similar and are published in a range of subjects. Small, sturdy little books which are made up of 31 tests and 6 puzzles. You get just over a minute for each question and are crucial to 11 plus success, as they pave the way for preparation for the 11 plus. There were a couple of errors along the way in this book but on the whole a great little book with the puzzles providing a bit of light relief and fun. Comprehensive and easy to use, I recommend.



As a private tutor, teaching children ages 6-15, I have always found this series of books very helpful. Both because of their content, and the familiarity of students to the series themselves. The way the book is laid out, being easy to read and understand means that students don't go into a blank stare but can be actively engaged in their education. In this edition, the 30 papers provided have the same structure and a similar, providing a clear path for practicing, understand and developing your verbal reasoning for the 11+ test. There is an answer book at the back if the questions prove too challenging, as well as for explanation. This can be removed or kept inside the back sleeve. Puzzle pages throughout the book provide some variety and fun as well. This books is really very useful, not only for 11+ preparation but in general for Maths skills for pupils aged 10-11. The book loses 1 star as I have found mistakes in it, not ideal!

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