GL Assessment 11+ Maths Practice Papers (Pack 2)


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This is Pack 2 of CGP's Multiple Choice 11+ Maths Practice Tests. It contains four realistic practice papers with separate multiple-choice answer sheets - ideal preparation for the 11+ tests set by GL Assessment and other test providers, and excellent practice for the Kent Test. A detailed answer book is also included, with full explanations of every answer and useful notes for parents. For even more practice, Pack 1 is available, containing four different practice tests - see 9781847628305.
GL Assessment 11+ Maths Practice Papers (Pack 2)
Product Code EN1698
Publisher CGP
ISBN 10 178294270X
ISBN 13 9781782942702

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This set of four 50-minute test papers comes in a card folder with Velcro closure. It includes a separate, machine-readable-style answer booklet, which is helpful for your child to practice switching accurately back and forth between question paper and answer paper. The separate answer booklet is helpful for speedy marking; it also includes a clear explanation of how to reach the right answer for each question, which may help a child (or adult!) to realise where they have gone wrong. This is a nicely presented and useful set of test papers. The questions seem to me to be quite typical of the sort of questions that are asked in 11+ exams. If I had one small criticism, it's that there are not four separate answer sheets, which would also allow siblings to sit different practice papers in parallel. There is, however, a statement that "photocopying more than 5% of this product is not permitted", from which I infer that permission is granted to photocopy a few pages from the answer book (although this could helpfully be made more explicit). This overcomes this problem, and also enables a child to sit the same test paper more than once. Great!



This is a great collection of Maths papers. It consists of tests 5-8, being pack two in the series. It comes with 4 individual papers, an answer sheet for each and the answer book with explanations of each question. It is fantastic exam practice for the 11+, both grammar and private school entry. Each paper contains some algebra, word problems, graphs, probability, stats in a very easy to use format. We have used this series before and we really feel it added to my daughter's success in the 11+ and we are now using many of the books/packs in this series for her brother. Recommended!!



This is of the usual high standard you'd expect from CGP, although it is only one test paper pack and the actual crib is separate. If your child has a tutor, this may be redundant. Then again, it's as much about status as it is about attainment so buy it anyway.



The tests come in a handy card Velcro wallet. There are 4 11+ maths practice test papers in the pack and multiple choice answer sheets for each test. Luckily a detailed answer book provided explanations for the answers to each question so great for revision and sharpening up those skills as the 11+ maths looms ever closer. Highly recommend.



This is pack two, it really doesn't matter if you do pack 1 or 2 or both or in what order. The actual 11+ is not multiple choice but I feel it gives extra learning opportunities if you use this correctly. I am a KS2 teaching assistant and a mum of KS2 child. It is worth photocopying anything you wish to reuse in the future.



If you've read any of my other reviews of CGP, you'll know that I'm a fan of the range and that I'm helping a young friend with his CEM preparation - I'm using this pack as additional work with him, as these are not CEM style or level tests.. This pack is made up purely of test papers, so whilst it'll help children learn whilst they're doing the tests and then the answers are checked, it's not strictly a learning tool, as examples are not given. If it's the latter you're after, then this is not the book for you, though it will be invaluable later. This is apparently Test Pack 2, containing tests numbered 5-8, with sheets on which the multiple choice questions can be answered, and with an answer booklet that gives answers with explanations of how these have been reached. This is great for parents who might not have otherwise been able to help their kids, and additionally, it guides parents about preparation, taking the tests and marking, Each test contains 50 multiple choice questions that need to be answered in 50 minutes - this is tough going for event an adult, let alone a child, especially without the use of a calculator, so it is important not to let your child get disheartened if he/she doesn't finish on time or doesn't get the answers right. The only issue I have with this, is that my understanding of multiple choice is that, say, you get one question with 6 possible answers, and it's a question of working out which is correct, but not all of these questions come with a choice of answers; NO, some have to be worked on by the child, without any 'leading' answers that might help them achieve the correct answer (Test 5, Q1,2, 10, 14, 20 and possibly more in this booklet, as well as the other tests, which we've not yet finished). That isn't a criticism of the material, which still makes a child work and learn through working, but the wording isn't strictly accurate. Overall, it's a great tool for practising, preparing and passing the 11+, or if you simply want your child to be challenged.



Yes again, another excellent publication from CGP Books. Their study guides and practice tests just get better and better. This pack contains 4 11 + Maths tests with multiple choice answer sheets and the all important answer book. Which I am pleased to say has detailed answers. Very important for parent and young person. The layout is great. Good clear type face. Most impressed



As a private tutor, teaching children ages 6-15, I have always found this series of books very helpful. Both because of their content, and the familiarity of students to the series themselves. In this edition, two full sets of realistic practice test papers (two tests each) are provided. Having a similar structure, providing a clear path for practicing, understand and developing your maths skills for the 11+ test. The papers and answer sheets come in a nice wallet to manage your work and so things don't get lost. There is an answer book included with detailed explanations, an essential part of learning. Having separate answer sheets similar to the ones used in the real test help to familiarise students with the examination. I would recommend any child to have done at these practice papers before sitting the real exam.



This is pack 2 Maths multiple choice practice test papers for 11 plus and contains 4 full tests number 5,6,7 + 8. Comes complete with answer sheet to be used by student for electronic marking practice and also comes with answer booklets for marking. The answer booklet does contain brief explanations to each question. Please note there are no claims as to which style 11 plus criteria these tests meet, so a good start if you do not know what test is being sat at your chosen school. All tests are multiple choice, I would have preferred a mixture. Example questions ; Which of these objects has the smallest mass? Which option below describes the 3d shape the net will make when it is folder up? The perimeter of a square lawn is 89m. What is the length of each side ? What is the modal colour of the bike? The books are dated 2015.

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