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GL Assessment 11+ Spatial 10-Minute Tests (Ages 10-11)

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GL Assessment 11+ Spatial 10-Minute Tests (Ages 10-11)

The Spatial Reasoning problems in the 11+ tests can be a real challenge, but this book of 10-Minute Tests is packed with practice to help pupils master them! It contains over 30 quick tests with questions covering all the essential topics, including rotations, folds, nets and more.

To break up the all the serious 11+ preparation, we've also included fun puzzle pages throughout the book. Complete step-by-step answers to every question are included in a pull-out section, so you'll never be left in the dark about how to solve a problem.

This book is ideal for the 11+ Kent Test and Buckinghamshire Secondary Transfer Test.

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EN1978 CGP 1782949399 9781789082104