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KS2 Maths 10-Minute Practice Papers Download

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KS2 Maths 10-Minute Practice Papers Download

Are you looking for more KS2 Maths exam questions for your child to work through before the SATs tests? Relevant and new curriculum questions that practise common procedures and give them an advantage over the thousands of other children just working through old, out of date past papers?

Say hello to these Exam Ninja 10-Minute KS2 Maths Practice Papers!

Our 10 Minute KS2 Maths Practice Papers is a pack of 9x papers that really helps children in their KS2 SATs. They're hard (really hard), all non-calculator (just like the real KS2 Maths SATs) and are developed to contain questions that stretch children's skills. They make perfect preparation for the KS2 Maths tests on 10th and 11th May.

Everyone at Exam Ninja is a parent and we know how tired kids can get. After a full school day, various after school clubs, a family dinner and assorted homework, their batteries run dry and a full 40 minute test can simply be counterproductive.

So we sat down with experienced teachers and devised a set of intense 10 minute tests. By practising exam style questions for only 10 minutes, children often consider questions more closely and remember their methods of tackling them better. The questions are at times awkward and difficult and require children to use their Maths skills wisely.

This pack includes the following:

  • 8x KS2 Maths 10 Minute Tests
  • 1x KS2 Maths 20 Minute Test

Remember: Walking into the KS2 SATs tests with a fundamental understanding of the topics is not enough. Pupils need to be prepared for the types of questions asked, the answers markers will be looking for and the correct way to demonstrate their knowledge. They need to have practised!

KS2 Maths 10-Minute Practice Papers Download

For even the smartest and most capable of pupils, KS2 SATs can be a tripwire. It's vitally important that they have suitable exam practice before the real tests. Not just classroom study and workbooks but up to date and timed exam practice.

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